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his name is orochimaru and he was team mates with tsunade and jyriia i hope that helped

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The snake guy that left the Akatsuki is Orochimaru.

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Q: What is the name of the snake guy in Naruto?
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What is the name of the purple snake in Naruto?

Its Manda

What is the name of the shark guy in Naruto?

His name is Kisame

What is the name of the puppy guy from Naruto?

if you are talking about the guy with the dog then his name is Kiba inuzuka

What is the name of the bug guy from Naruto?

His name Shino. And very ironically, you forgot his name. His name is always forgotten in the anime and manga as well. Mostly its Naruto's fault. I forget his name time to time.

Does Naruto ever fight Guy?

No, Naruto doesn't ever fight Guy.

Tell you all name of naruto?

my name is Matthew all the name of naruto is easy naruto,sasuke,sakura,kakashi,jiraya,rock lee,guy sensei,ino,hinata,iruka,kinahamaru, that is the main character of naruto thx if you have any question free to ask

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 how do you unlock kisame?

in story 2, beat him as guy or just use this: lightning/snake/rat/dragon it unlocks all characters

Does Naruto summoning died?

No. Sasuke's snake is dead.

Who the guy from Naruto that has a mouth on his hand?

his name is Deidara. He is a member of Akatsuki and was partnered with Sasori and Tobi,

Who is the guy in naruto with the bazooka?

Are you talking about the Naruto Clash of Revolution games for the Wii? If you are then his name is Bando. But there aren't any guys with a bazooka in the manga or anime that I know of.

Do you like the thought of Naruto being pregnant?

No! Naruto is a guy not a girl!

When does sakura gives a hug to saske?

I forgot the name and number of the episode, but it's when he leaves to the snake guy (cant spell his name).