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What is the name of the song in the Royal Bank of Scotland commercial?

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Artist is Spacetrain

Title is Zurich Ad

2007-08-05 05:18:26
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What is the name is the manager of Royal bank of Scotland?

hughe stivensone\

Why is a bank called royalbank and not an ordinary bank?

The Royal Bank is the real name of an existing, established bank. The Real Bank of Scotland and The Real bank of Canada. All banks have different names.

Name the two motivating factors at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group?

Total Reward and Work life balance

What is the name of 5 commercial banks in the Bahamas?

Citibank , scotiabank, royal bank of Canada , fidelity, and finco

Is there Royal Bank of Scotland in Senegal?

yese received emails from senegal girl who says that my father has deposited big money in royal bank of scotland,plz help me iam in a refugee camp,her name is LILIAN GODWIN.IF YES PLZ TELL ME WHAT IS TRUTH? ======================================== Such E-mails are a SCAM.

Where is Royal Bank of Ireland in London?

The Royal Bank of Ireland does not exist. Ireland is a republic, not part of the UK (except Northern Ireland), so it is not associated with the Royal Family.It is actually called Bank of Ireland (no "royal").The Bank of Ireland in London is located at:Bow Bells House,1 Bread St,LondonEnglandEC4M 9BEIf you are confusing the Bank of Ireland with the RoyalBank of Scotland, re-ask your question giving the correct name.Answer 2There is a known scam that surrounds the Royal Bank of Ireland the details of which can be found at the related link below.Do not confuse the Royal Bank of Ireland with the Royal Bank of Ireland (I.O.M)

Is there a deceased by the name of Dr Thomas Evra from Liberia who has an account with a royal bank of Scotland branch in London?

there is no account of such person. it is a big scam

Is Halifax the same company as Bank of Scotland?

Yes the company's full name is Halifax Bank of Scotland.

What is the name of the Queens home in Scotland?

Balmoral Castle, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

What is the name of the golf course in the Royal Bank of Scotland commercials?

It's the golf course at Pelican Hills Resort in Southern California.

What was the name of the first bahamian bank?

Royal bank of the Bahamas

What was the name for the royal house or family of Scotland in the early ages?

The Stuarts were a Scottish royal family.

What is the full name of UCO bank?

United Commercial Bank

What is the name of the biggest commercial bank in Canada?

Bank of Montreal

Who is the financial manager of standard life bank of Scotland plc?

what is the name of Finance Manager of standard life bank scotland PLC

Whatv is the full name of UCO bank AXIS bank?

full name of uco bank is United COmmercial bank

What is the name of the song in the ally financial commercial?

ally bank commercial studio

What is NDB Bank of Sri Lanka?

Its a Licensed commercial Bank. Full name is National Development Bank.

What is the name of Scotland's army?

Scotland doesn't have its own army. Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and people from Scotland who wish to have a military career join the British Armed Forces. British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force.

Who invented the cheque printer?

According to Wikipedia, in 1811, the Commercial Bank of Scotland was the first bank to personalize its customer's cheques by printing the name of the account holder along the left-hand side. In 1830, the Bank of England introduced printed books of cheques, which became a common format for bank customers.

Is natwest bank London a legitimate bank?

Natwest is one of the largest banks in the UK. However, be careful, as many banks have had their names used illegally in scam operations. ++ To expand, the full trading name is Natwest, and it is now owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). If you see the name "NatWest of London" or similar, steer clear of it as the first answer shows.

What is name of piano music in the ally bank commercial?

The Old Country

What is name of commercial banks in Cambodia?

ACLEDA Bank PLC(ACLEDA)Advanced Bank of Asia Ltd (ABA) AGRIBANK CAMPUCHIA BRANCH (AGRIBANK) ANZ Royal Bank ( Cambodia ) Ltd (ANZ) Bank of China Limited Phnom Penh Branch (BOC) Bank of India Phnom Penh Branch (BOI) Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc (BIDC) Booyoung Khmer Bank (BKB) Cambodia Asia Bank Ltd (CAB) CIMB Bank PLC (CIMB) Cambodia Mekong Bank PLC (MekongBank) Cambodian Commercial Bank (CCB) Cambodian Public Bank (Campu Bank) Canadia Bank PLC (CNB) First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch (FCB) Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) HwangDBS Commercial Bank PLC (HDBSCB) Kookmin Bank Cambodia PLC (KBC) Krung Thai Bank PLC, Phnom Penh Branch (KTB) MARUHAN Japan Bank (MJB) Maybank Phnom Penh Branch (Maybank) OSK Indochina Bank (OSKIBL) Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (PPCB) Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacom Bank) Shinhan Khmer Bank (SKB) Singapore Banking Corporation Ltd (SBC) Union Commercial Bank PLC (UCB) Vattanac Bank Ltd (VBL)

What breed of dog is the dog in the bank of America commercial?

It is a Newfoundland. His name is Benny.

What is the name of the bank grounded on alliance and Leicester building society?

The name of the bank founded from Alliance and Leicester is the Santander bank. It specializes in mortgage lending, personal and commercial accounts, and investments.