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It is named Hawaii and is called "The Big Island".

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What is the name of the southern most of tge major Hawaiian islands?

The southernmost island is the biggest island. The name is Hawaii.

What is the name of the southern most of the major hawaiian islands?

Hawaii is the southernmost of the Hawaiian Islands.It is named Hawaii and is called "The Big Island".

What is the name of southern most hawaiian island?

Hawaii Island is the southernmost.

What major hawaiian island would show the most volcanic activity?

The island of Hawaii (the big island) has the most volcanic activity.

What is the most south Hawaiian island?

The Island of Hawaii (Big Island) is the furthest south, with "South Point" on the Big Island being the southern-most point of the 50 United States.

What is the southern most and northern most island of the Philippines?

mavudis island is the northern most island and sitangkai is the southern most island of the philippines. :))

What is the southern most island in europe?

The southern most island in Europe is the Island of Gavdos. It is located off the southern coast of Crete.

What island is Hawaii's most populated island?

Oahu is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands.

What is Canada's most southern island?

Middle Island, located in the centre of Lake Erie, is Canada's most southern island as well as Canada's most southern point of land.

What is the name of the southern most of the major Hawaiian islands-?

Ka Lae (Hawaiian: the point), also known as South Point, is the southernmost point of the Big Island of Hawaii and of the 50 United States. The Ka Lae area is registered as a National Historic Landmark District under the name South Point Complex.

Was the most important Hawaiian seaport?

The most famous seaport in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor on the main Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Predict where the next volcanic hawaiian island will form?

The next Hawaiian volcano will most likely form near the Hawaiian hot spot.

Which is the northrnmost of the hawaiian Island?

Kauai is the oldest and northern most INHABITED island in the Hawaiian chain which includes more than 1000 small islands and atolls to the northwest of Kauai.

Largest landmass in hawaiian islands?

The island is referred to by locals as the Big Island. The island is called Hawaii and is the most recently formed island on the chain.

The country in the southern psrt of the Philippines?

Tawi Tawi is the southern most island

Where is the island of Barra?

The island of Barra is a part of scotland. it is the southern most inhabited island of scotland.

What is the name of the southern most Hawiian island?

Its name is Big Island believe it or not.

Island that belongs to Italy?

The largest, most famous, and most important island that belongs to Italy is the island of Sicily on the southern tip.

What is the southern most place in India?

Indira Point in Andaman Nicobar Island is the southern most place in India

What are the 3 most south of the Hawaiian islands?

Hawai`i (the Big Island), then Kahoohlawe, then Maui.

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