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It is an exclamation point and/or exclamation mark.

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Q: What is the name of the symbol above the 1 on a keyboard?
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What is the name for the symbol above the number 1 on a qwerty keyboard?

Exclamation point.

Where is the Symbol key located on the LG Rumor?

On the keyboard: Right above the orange hotkey, on the left side of the keyboard. On the number pad: #1 serves as the symbol key for T-9 and ABC texting.

What is the symbol above the number 1 on a keyboard?

! = Exclamation Point. In the English language, it is used at the end of a sentence to project emphasis.

What is the name of the symbol on top of the number row of the keyboard?

If you mean the "curlycue" thing to the left of numeral 1, it is called a "tilde."

Where is the exclamation mark symbol?

On a standard keyboard it's located on the 1 key.

What is the ALT code for the TM symbol?

The alt code to type in order to add a trademark symbol to a name simply using a computer keyboard is: the alt button, the number 0, the number 1, the number 5, and the number 3.

How do you do the female symbol on keyboard?

Easy... just hold Alt then press 1, then 2, and let go of the Alt key and you should have a female symbol.

What is the symbol used in pronunciation keys that indicates a stressed syllable?

It is the symbol to the left of the "1" on the second line of a standard keyboard. It looks somewhat like this: `

What is the original meaning of the 'at' keyboard symbol?

The 'at' keyboard symbol has kept mainly one meaning thoughout time. It was first used during Medieval times by merchants who wanted to display prices of their products. For example, "2 items @ $1".

How do you make a smiley face symbol on keyboard?

Hold Alt And press 1, then let go of Alt. ☺

How do you make a registered trade mark symbol on your keyboard?

On a PC with a full keyboard, you hold down the ALT key, and then, on the number keypad, type in 0-1-7-4.

How do you type a square root symbol using the keyboard?

Hold the "Alt" key, then press 2 5 1 on your numpad and release Alt. √ *Note, numbers on the numpad and the numbers above the letters of the keyboard are not the same, if you are on a laptop without a numpad press and hold the "Fn" and "Alt" key and then press K I J instead of 2 5 1

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