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Q: What is the name of the tradition pudding made in Scotland for Christmas?
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Was yorshire pudding made in Scotland?

No, Yorkshire is in England and this is not a Christmas question!

What is the name of the traditional pudding made in Scotland for Christmas?

clodie dumpling

What is the name of the traditional pudding made in Scotland?

what is the name of the tradiional pudding made in scotland

What is the name of the traditional pudding made in Scotland for pudding?

clodie dumpling

Why do you put money in a Christmas pudding?

Putting money in a Christmas pudding is a old tradition. The person who got the 6 pence in their piece of pudding is said to get good luck. They used to put a 6 pence in the pudding but now money is to dirty. Silver (6 pence was made out of silver) was dirty but when it was cooked it was alright.

What is the name of the traditinal pudding made in Scotland?


What is the name of the traditional pudding made in Scottland for Christmas?

figgy Pudding

What pudding is made in Scotland?

Savoury dishes include white pudding, black pudding and fruit pudding. Desserts include cranachan and cloutie dumpling.

Which token vegetable is often included in a Christmas pudding?

Christmas puddings in earlier times were made with vegetables. The root vegetables were eventually omitted but Christmas pudding still includes a token carrot.

What country did figgy pudding originate in?

Figgy Pudding, a variation of the christmas pudding, only made with Figs, was thought to be invented in England of the United Kingdom during the 16th century.

What is the definition of plum pudding in A Christmas Carol?

A rich boiled or steamed pudding made with flour, suet, raisins, currants, citron, and spices.

The weight of the largest Christmas pudding?

The largest Christmas Pudding on record weighed 7,231 pounds, and was made in Aughton, Lancashire, in Great Britain, on July 11, 1992 By LES HEYHOE UK

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