What is the name of this toy its like gremlin in a glass box that talks iknow its not furby it looks like a light colored yoda?

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That's The Pope!
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What does the orange colored light on your dash board that looks like a car with the lights on indicate?

I've had that same problem. My problem was the fact that my trunk light, connected to the underside of the trunk, right behind the seat, was out. Noone but Toyota I found, had the light to fix it. It looks as if it's a fuse, but it's a light. Once I installed that light bulb (fuse looking thingie), ( Full Answer )

What does maroon color look like?

Maroon is a dark red that can be purple or reddish. The name comes from a word meaning chestnut. Cadmium Maroon is more orange and like a dark rust color Perylene Maroon is more purplish and can be called Burgundy Another name for maroon is Garnet

What does a sex toy look like?

There are thousands of different sex toys, all with a unique shape and size. The most common sex toys for woman are phallic shaped.

What do toy poodles look like?

Toy poodles are the cutest little things. Most have the shorter little legs, long ears if left to grow the hair long. Curly fur, short nose, cropped off tail usually. Toy poodles measure 10 inches and under.

What does a box turtle look like?

The male's eyes are bright red. The female's eyes are reddish brown. Also the male's tails are longer than the female's. The female box turtle also has orange markings on her body and the male has yellow his body.

What does box turtle look like?

my little brother Jackie found a boxs turtle and i think as a 12 year old girl he should let it go in the wild but he saids he loves so should I let it free or keep it in a little boxs in his room and my brother is 9 years old and as a little kid playing tag in the house can run in to the boxs with ( Full Answer )

What does indigo color look like?

The hex code #2E0854 is charactised as indigo. For a visual description, indigo is a deep, dark blue which is quite close to purple.

You are looking for the name of this crochet stitch it looks like a three d box?

You're looking for a crochet stitch which looks like a 3-D box, the best I can think of is a filet crochet stitch (which is made up of mesh and boxes), but that would be a 2-D box, not a 3-D box. The most common filet crochet box would be 3 double crochets; then a double crochet and two chain sti ( Full Answer )

What does the color sage look like?

Sage green is a grayish, soft green. If you Google search images the word sage you'll see the plant it's named after.

What does the color wheel look like?

The basic color wheel is a circle that has a hole in the center. It is divided into sixths and every other one is red, blue, and yellow. And in between are the secondary colors, orange purple, and green. the secondary colors are in between the two primary colors that, when mixed together, make the s ( Full Answer )

What are aviator glasses and what do they look like?

Douglas McArthur was photographed in Aviators in WWII and their popularity on military bases has skyrocketed since. And Ray Ban has pretty lots of aviator eyewear... as to what they look like, checkout here...

What does the color yellow look like?

I am sorry, but you cannot describe a color. The dictionary says yellow is - Yellow is a color like that of egg yolk, ripe lemons, etc.; the primary color between green and orange in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 570 and 590 NM

What does a box jellyfish look like?

The box jellyfish have a box shaped bell or head, and can have up to fifgteen tentacles, that release poison when it senses a chemical found ob fish or it feels it's in danger. yeah,yeah whatevs NIRD!! by gottaluvjb10

What does the color violet look like?

violet looks like a very deep blue actually violet is purple. crayola made up the name purple, it is really violet and that is the truth. violet is a secondary color you get from mixing the primaries red and blue red+blue=violet purple sounds much cooler than violet though Like Elizab ( Full Answer )

What does the color opal look like?

Opal is a stone that is a clearish whitish background, with different colors scattered around on it. There are colors such as red, orange, blue, green, ect. These colors appear more than once on the stone.

What does the color seafoam look like?

It is a light color formed by light blue and light green, it's a light form of turquoise. it's been my most fave color since second grade and i totally adore it! .

What do i do since i have become really keen on my best friend and iknow she doesnt feel the same way it just kills me listening to her talk about guys she likes what can i do?

The only way to deal with a situation that puts you in that much pain is to remove yourself from it. You might explain your reason, if you think she could handle it. However, be careful. You have not stated if this is a same-sex thing or not. If it is, it could backfire on you, as you well know.

What does an alabaster box look like?

A box looks like a box--- its a square container. An alabaster box is a square container made out of alabaster. Alabaster is a stone, generally white with shadow markings in it. It can be translucent.

What does the gremlin automobile look like?

The AMC Gremlin had the front end of an AMC Hornet and a squared off rear hatch ... Just do an internet search for pictures of an AMC Gremlin and you should see pictures of it... If that fails then go on ebay.com and type in AMC Gremlin..(AMC stands for American Motors Corporation - the company th ( Full Answer )

What does the color ember look like?

I think you mean Amber, for example it is the colour of the yellowish circle on the stop lights. It is like a yellow and orange mixed together (almost) Hope This Helps =)

Who is eminem talking about in like toy soldiers?

his friend Ja that died and 50 cent killed him. he is also talking about a man that he calls Gaurerra, "youre full of sh*t to gaurerra, that was a fist that hit you" damn, your really stupid! it's Ja rule, not his friend, and 50 didn't kill anyone... its about the beef between ja rule ( murder inc ( Full Answer )

What color does gold look like?

It looks like yellow but is gold and shiny. It conducts electricity and is an alkali metal. :)

What does it look like if you where color blind?

Depending on the type of colorblindness you have, it will typically look very similar. but ... the colorblind person will have difficulty distinguishing colors within certain color groupings, such as blue, purple and pink, or green and yellow. I'm colorblind, and I still see very beautiful sunsets, ( Full Answer )

What does the color prado look like?

SuperAmart are selling "Prado" coloured leather sofas & it appears to be a beige/creamish colour. I'll try attach a photo

What does champaigne color look like?

The colour of champagne (the drink) is a very pale yellowish gold, although it can be paler and almost clear. The colour champagne is a pale, yellowish gold colour

What color does the honeybbee looks like?

Honey bees can vary quite a lot in colour. Sub-species of apis mellifera are variously described as anything from black to yellow. Certainly you can come across very dark bees and very light bees with some that could be described as shades of browns and grey too.

Was there another movie like gremlins?

"Gremlins 2: The New Batch" (1990). Stars Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover, Robert Prosky, Robert Picardo, Christopher Lee.

What does a cordial glass look like?

A cordial glass is a tall, narrow, and cylindrical glass that usually flares out at the top. Some styles of cordial glasses have a stem while several other types do not.

How does the color ochre look like?

The color ochre looks like an earthy, yellow mustard. Dried clay is also combined with a painting medium, producing a reddish or rusty brown version of ochre.

What does a Tiffany Box look like?

A Tiffany Box looks like a small gift, wrapped up with a bow-tie and all. It is blue, and the tie is white. Usually, you can find charms instead of a name-tag, and these are usually given for gifts such as jewelry.

What does a port wine glass look like?

A port wine glass looks like a normal wine glass except the inside is a bit bigger than normal. The port wine glass has a thin stand with a wide circular shape.

How do cat toys usually look like?

Cat toys are usually in the shape of something a cat would like. For example, fish and mice are very common choices. The can range in color and are very rarely one color. Most have two or more colors.