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What is the nationality of black Irish?


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If born in Ireland and Irish citizen, then Irish.

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i believe delonte west is Irish and black

Irish, because the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act of 1956

Victoria justice is Irish German puerto rican white and black

The language is "Gaeilge", the nationality is "Éireannach".

Irish people as a nationality are just called "Irish".

If Nationality means like French or stuff like that, then he is most definitely Irish (GO IRISH PEOPLE. no offence to people who aren't Irish) If that isn't what Nationality means then I have no idea!!

I do have Irish nationality but it's not because my parents are Irish. I was born in Co. Mayo in 1997 and at the time if you were born in Ireland you get Irish nationality. That's changed now though.

lyons nationality is Swedish and Irish and Scottish

Northern Irish citizens are entitled to British nationality, Irish nationality, or both (dual British-Irish nationality).Children born in Northern Ireland are British Citizens by default at the time of their birth, per United Kingdom nationality law. However, the child can almost immediately be registered as an Irish Citizen instead of (or as well as) a British Citizen, usually if born into an Irish family.

Boland: Irish, particularly northern Irish.

Irish, as in the name of the language, is Gaeilge. Irish, as in the nationality, is Éireannach.

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She was Irish; her name was Gráinne Ní Mháille in Irish.

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The word Irish refers to language and a nationality and so it is always capitalised.

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