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the nations oldest active fishing port is Thailand

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Where is the oldest active fishing port?

The oldest active fishing port is in Gloucester,Massachusetts To find the answer yourself go to:

America's oldest active fishing port?

Gloucester's fishery

What is the oldest US active fishing port?

Saint Augustine, FL

Name of oldest active fishing port in US?

The nation's oldest port / city is St. Augustine, FL. Founded in 1565 by Pedro Menedez it is the nation's oldest continually occupied European city. While it is no longer a major fishing port it was the capitol of the shriming industry in the early-mid 1900's. Today, it is known mostly as a vacation destination; however, a few shrimp trawlers can still be seen off its shores.

What is the number one fishing port in the world?

The largest fishing port in the world is the Port of Vigo in Spain. This is considered to be the most important fishing port in the world.

What could you do at a fishing port?

Go fishing

Which is the oldest port in india?

Kolkata Port Trust is a port in Kolkata, India. It is also the oldest functioning port in the country operated by Kolkata Port Trust.

Where is the oldest port of India?

Lothal port

What is the oldest port in southern Africa?

port Elizabeth

Scottish highlands fishing port near the entrace to loch inver?

The fishing port on Loch Inver is called Lochinver.

What is the largest fishing port in the world?

The Port of Vigo- located in Spain.

What is Japan's oldest port?


Where is the fishing shop in falador in RuneScape?

You got the wrong location the fishing shop is in port salem.

What town in Donegal is a major fishing port?


What is the largest fishing port in the US?

perl harbor

What is the port no of active directory?


What is the oldest city in Washington state?

port gamble

Is there sea port in Aberdeen?

Yes. Aberdeen is the main port for the UK oil industry. Before the oil was discovered it was a major fishing port.

What is New York's economy like?

it was mainly a fishing port.

On RuneScape where do you get a white apron?

The fishing shop in port Sarim.

What is the largest fishing port in Ireland?

Killybegs in County Donegal

Where do you find a fishing net in runescape?

There is a fishing shop at Port Sarim, near Draynor, and South-East of Falador.

What is the possessive noun for port?

The possessive form of the noun port is port's.Example: The port's main industry is fishing.

What town is the US's oldest sea port?

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Why is Grimsby famous?

Grimsby used to be England's busiest fishing port.