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idk eaither if u could help me as weell that would be great

you guys both suck, i need this for my homework due TOMORROW! 3/17/2010!


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What is alabamas natural vegetation?

13, in love, he doesnt see me… Wish he knew <3 FLORIDA BABY! :)

What type of natural vegetation does Mexico have?

natural vegetation does Mexico have?

List types of natural vegetation in gauteng?

There are several types of natural vegetation in Gauteng. Some of the natural vegetation are evergreen vegetation, eucalyptus camaldulensis, and thorny bushes.

A model of natural vegetation and wildlife?

how can make model on natural vegetation

What is the natural vegetation in the south east?

natural vegetation in the south east is semi arid with almost no vegetation.

India's natural Vegetation affecting factors?

how relief affects natural vegetation?

What is an explanation of natural vegetation in Iran?

write the names of the natural vegetation in iran?

What is the natural vegetation of north central of Texas?

what is the vegetation of natural central of texas

What is florida's natural vegetation?

The state of Florida has A wide variety of vegetation which differs depending on soil type. Some examples of Floridian vegetation include Sabal Palm, Sawgrass, Elderberry, Loblolly Pine, and Longleaf Pine.

What is the differences between vegetation and natural vegetation?

there is no difference, unless it is a certain type of vegetation, it would just be called natural.

What are the 4 types of natural vegetation on India?

4 types of natural vegetation on India

How does people use natural vegetation?

natural vegetation is used by people by there they can be used.etc

What is the definition for the word Natural Vegetation?

sometimes people employ vegetation for indoor decorations in their homes. This could be artificial vegetation or natural vegetation. This can also apply for movie studios.

Tundra vegetation cultivated or natural?


What is natural vegetation and wildlife?

Natural vegetation & Wildlife in INDIA is not so well. Because human himself had destroyed all natural vegetation, due to this wildlife had also been destroyed.

What are plants that grow naturally in an area called?

Natural Vegetation/Native Plants

What are the steps to conserve natural vegetation?

"Steps To Conserve Natural Vegetation" means measures taken to save natural plants and trees.

Types of natural vegetation in Gauteng?

this includes evergreen vegetation tundra vegetation diciduous vegetation thorny bushes etc

What do you mean by natural vegetation?

The groups of plants which have developed in an area without human interference are called natural vegetation.

What is the natural vegetation of Assam?

natural vegetation of assam is decedious type as it is nearer to sea...but it is a joke i dont know the answer

Difference between natural vegetation and cultivation of crops?

natural vegetation means plants grown with help of nature and rain crops are plants grown by farmers.

How does natural vegetation help in the ecosystem?

How does Vegetation help with a river Ecosystem?

What is the natural vegetation region of Philadelphia PA what are the characteristics and evidence of the vegetation?

== ==

Natural vegetation in Ireland?

deciduous woodland, bogland vegetation in the midlands

Define virgin vegetation and natural vegetation?

The definition was not found in the dictionary.

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