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Q: What is the nature of external reality that is the world around us?
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What is reality anxiety?

Reality anxiety is the fear of danger from the external world, and the level of such anxiety is proportonate to the degree of real threat.

What is the nature of reality and how can you prove this world to be real?

Reality is how humans perceive the world around them, but proving that the world is "real" would be quite difficult, because we have no other perception of reality than the human one, so unless there is some sort of higher intelligence or being that humans meet, than humans themselves cannot really prove that the world is "real".

What is an example of reality?

Reality is anything real that's happening in the world around you.

Can reality be measured?

Reality in reference to the physical world or nature can be observed and measured. But reality also consists of things with which we can't observe and measure such as values, morality, and the supernatural.

How far around the world?

how far around the world how far the nature can tolerate..

How do you use in a sentence reality?

Reality is the actual world around us; phenomena, people, events, history and our lives.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a mix between virtual objects created with a computer and the world around real, so that this information is amplified.

How is reality defined in metaphysics?

Reality is the totality of existence or being, the aggregate of all truth and knowledge, whether material or spiritual, concrete or abstract. It is the entire objective world or universe outside the mind. Reality by nature is experienced or discovered, not created or invented by the human mind.

What are three basic assumptions of the existential theory?

•Phenomenological-a person's experiences and interpretations of themselves and of the world around them are as real as the 'reality' from which they are derived•Focus on the existing person-May 'existentialism means centering upon the existing person'•Ontological - nature of being-'what is it like to be this person in the world'

When was The World of Wonderful Reality created?

The World of Wonderful Reality was created in 1924.

How do the rain forest people learn?

Teaches you about calm,peace and getting around with mother nature around everyone around the world.

In Boscaslte why did the Flood happen?

It happen because of us humans are bad to nature, nature is flood and flood is nature. If we haven't been bad to nature, there wouldn't even have natural disasters around the world.