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What is the nature of skin cancer?


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The nature of skin cancer is that Skin cancer occurs when the skin is overexposed to the sun or ultraviolet rays which damages the skin cells and causes skin cancer. The most common and dangerous skin cancer would have to be Melanoma.


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"Metastatic" generally means "spreading", so a metastatic skin cancer is generally a skin cancer that originally started in some other part of the body, or that started as skin cancer and was left untreated. The treatment would depend on the extent of the spread, and the nature of the original cancer. Skin cancer itself is generally survivable if treatment begins early, BEFORE it metastasizes. In general, any cancer that spreads to other organs, or "metastasizes", is definitely "Not Good".

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Skin cancer is one of the worst types of cancer. Actually, all cancer is bad. Skin cancer can be caused by not wearing sunblock. Don't get skin cancer too late, because it will be too late for you.

Carcinomas affect your skin and linings of your organs. Example: skin cancer, lung cancer.

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skin cancer is caused by the sun. if you go outside everyday then you might get skin cancer but you can get it taken off when you need to.. skin cancer is caused by the sun. if you go outside everyday then you might get skin cancer but you can get it taken off when you need to..

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There are certainly carcinogenic toxins which can induce cancer of the skin. However, most skin cancer results from ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

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