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M56 is the closest motorway to Manchester Airport.

Although the M6 is the main motorway closest to the airport.

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What airport is close to Manchester England airport?

Apart from Manchester Airport (which is the closest), the other nearest comercial airports are Liverpool and Blackpool.

Which is the nearest airport to Lincoln Illinois?

Manchester airport is the closest airport to Lincoln Illinois

What is the nearest airport to Valencia?

That would be Valencia Manises Airport about 7km out from the city centre by the side of the N3 motorway to Madrid

What is the nearest airport to York?

If you are asking about the York in England, the closest commercial airport is Manchester.

What is the nearest airport to Stoke on Trent?

The nearest major airport is Birmingham International airport, 43 miles away. Other reasonably local airports are Nottingham (46 miles) and Manchester (52 miles).Ans 2 - Manchester Airport is the nearest major airport to Stoke on Trent, about 25 miles north. East Midlands/Derby is also close at about 26 miles east.

Nearest coach station to Manchester airport?

There is a bus station attached to the Airport where National Express operate regular services from.

What is the airport code for Manchester Airport?

The airport code for Manchester Airport is MAN.

What is the name of the motorway from Manchester to Liverpool?

The M62

What is the closest airport to Lancaster UK?

Blackpool airport is the closest, but doesn't have a huge range of flights on offer. Manchester & Liverpool are the next nearest, but Manchester is much easier to get to by public transport. A direct train ride from Manchester Airport to Lancaster, takes just over an hour.

Which airport is bigger Manchester or Liverpool?

Manchester Airport.

Which motorway goes from Birmingham to Manchester?

The M6 and then the M56.

What is the nearest Accident and Emergency unit to Manchester Airport?

University Hospital of South Manchester Wythenshawe Hospital Southmoor Road Manchester M23 9LT tel 0161 998 7070

What is the post code for Manchester airport?

Manchester, United Kingdom (MAN)Manchester - Manchester Municipal Airport, NH, USA (MHT)M90 1QX is the post code for Manchester Airport

How long will Manchester airport be closed for?

Manchester Airport is currently open.

What is the airport code for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport?

The airport code for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is MHT.

How big is the firm Manchester airport?

manchester airport is the 5th largest airlines

Closest airport to Manchester?

That would be Manchester Airport. ...also known as Ringway...

When was City Airport Manchester created?

City Airport Manchester was created in 1930.

How far is it from Manchester airport to Barnsley?

Barnsley is 57 km from Manchester Airport.

How long does it take to get from Manchester airport to Paris airport?

From the Manchester Airport to the Charles de Gaulle Airport, it takes about an hour and 10 minutes.

Is Manchester close to Heathrow airport?

No, Manchester is about 200 miles from Heathrow and has its own airport.

What is the quickest driving route between Manchester and Edinburgh?

The A1 motorway.

What is the nearest airport to LA Gonzales?

The nearest airport is Monterey Regional Airport. However, San Jose International Airport is the nearest international airport.

How long is the flight from Manchester airport to New Zealand airport?

The flight time from Manchester Airport to Auckland Airport is 22 hours, 35 minutes.

What is the post code of Manchester Airport?

Manchester Airport (MAN/EGCC), UKM90 1QX