What is the need for fluorescent material?

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Fluorescent materials are used in illumination, displaying, solid state lasers,light communication,light memory and so on.
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What materials are needed for college?

Electronics Laptop Second monitor and cable Laptop Bag Head Phones printer Lamp Vacuum Cleaner Flash Drive Camera Alarm Clock Clock Small TV Light bulbs Graphing Calculator Recorder Blank Disks Webcam Relaxing Music Room Bed or Loft Small Shelf Filing ( Full Answer )

What are materials needed for war called?

War material. Steel, copper, oil, lead are needed to make war material.. Answer . Strictly speaking it's materiel . Materiel are "goods of war" like tanks, clothing, aeroplanes etc. These require raw materials for manufacture, naturally enough. Materiel refers to objects, material to matter.

What are the raw materials needed for photosythesis?

To make photosynthesis occur, you need 3 raw materials : carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. Carbon dioxide comes from air, water from xylem roots, and sunlight from sunlight! Below is a good picture which explains about photosynthesis. As you can see here in the picture, sunlight, carbon dioxid ( Full Answer )

What materials do you need to surf?

board, wax for the top of the board, would recommend a stomp-pad (not required), and in most areas a leash. Other recommended items would be a rash-guard to protect your chest from wax-rub, and depending how cold it is wet-suit gear.

When you look at diagrams for wiring fluorescent lights you do not see clearly a neutral wire All electrical components need it Where is it in fluorescent lights?

Actually, many components do not have or need a neutral. 3-phase equipment such as motors, heaters and the like do not use a neutral. Some older 240V electric clothes dryers (in the US) did not have a neutral. The 2.5 ton, 240V airconditioner on my roof doesn't use a neutral either.. Fluorescent fi ( Full Answer )

What materials do you need for your college applications?

You need to know all about yourself. Addresses and contact information. The important part is to have the ACT/SAT scores sent to the school, along with an official transcript. Most of the forms are pretty straight forward. The challenge is when they ask for essays about certain topics.

What materials are needed to grow a plant?

dirt with vermiculite seeds water and sunshine and most of all a person who will make sure water is given to a plant. also you can buy a grow kit that includes the above and also furnishes a grow light incase you don't have a sunny enough room to begin the germination process. if room allows you can ( Full Answer )

Do you need boxes in a row for fluorescent lites?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . No, check the inside of the fixture and look for a label that states "good for continuous row wiring." If you find this the fixture is approved to be used as a raceway providing that the fixtures are all bolted together ( Full Answer )

Difference between fluorescent and phosphorescent material?

Fluorescent material immediately glows when exposed to ultravioletradiation, that is it fluoresces. Phosphorescent material slowlyabsorbs and re-emits the radiation it absorbs. This enablesphosphorescent material to absorb visible light spectra to "glow inthe dark" at a later time.

Why does sound need a material to travel?

Sound travels in waves, these waves need a medium to travel through. Think about water in the ocean, without the water, there would be no waves. Same concept.

What materials are needed to make an ipod?

Wow! The list would be pretty long if we get down to basics. 1. Fiberglass (for P.C. board) 2. Lead and Tin (solder) 3. Silver (connector in IC chip) 4. Plastics (assorted uses) 5. Copper 6. Arsenic (n material in IC chips) 7. Phosegene gases (for p material) 8. Hydrofluoric acid (w ( Full Answer )

How do fluorescent materials work?

The electricity excites the florescent materials causing them to glow and give off light. Early light bulbs are incandescent or give off light with more heat than florescent bulbs which use much more electricity to make the metal filament glow with also much heat given off.

What is the scope and need of material management?

Need For Material Management: 1. To have adequate materials in hand when needed 2. To pay the lowest possible price, consistent with quality and value requirement for purchases materials. 3. To minimize the inventory investment. 4. To operate efficiently.

What are the materials needed to make a robot?

Generally: . Some kind of controller (such as a computer, microcontroller or PLC) . Servos and actuators (as needed for the tasks of the automated device) . Assorted gears, cables, relays, sensors . Some kind of power supply; typically a battery . Other electronic devices as deemed necessary, ( Full Answer )

What material do you need to grow bacteria?

Agar with a nutrient suitable for the desired bacteria. If you need to count them, then a reagent is needed too, that one can see a difference on the agar plate where bacteria colonies have grown. To apply the sample, you need sterile equipment to dilute it to desired concentration and a spatula ( Full Answer )

What are the tools and materials needed in crochet?

You will be well equipped to perform the needlework art of crochet with a crochet hook and a suitably sized ball of yarn. You can also use a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, and a pattern -- or you can make up your own pattern.

What are the materials you need to make nickel?

If you mean the chemical element nickel, all you need is some nickel-containing ore and the means to refine it; as an element, nickel itself cannot be altered except through nuclear fusion. If you're referring to a coin containing nickel, such as the U.S. five-cent piece, you need an alloy that i ( Full Answer )

Why do we need to use materials properly?

we need to use our material properly because if we don't use our material it will be destroy or it will be broken and if this is hazardous it may cause a danger in children and also in adults

How much electricity needed for 100 watt compact fluorescent lamp?

The answer is simply100 Watts. The Wattage rating of electric light bulbs is just the amount of electricity they consume. So a 60 Watt bulb would take 60 Watts of electricity. In fact, if you could buy a 100 Watt CFL, it would have the light output equivalent to about eight 100 Watt conventional (in ( Full Answer )

What materials do you need to meditate?

You dont really need anything, just a comfortable and quiet place to sit (maybe a mat will come in handy). Some people like to use a lit candle.

What materials do you need to make an Aqueduct?

The Ancient Romans used stone, brick, and a special volcanic cement called pozzuolana. Overtime, aqueducts have become more advanced but today, many people or companies use stone, brick, and just regular cement.

Why do you need a special light dimmer for fluorescent lights?

The ballast of a fluorescent lamp (whether modern electronic or conventional large inductance) will cause a kickback voltage when the lamp starts up that causes electrical breakdown and destruction of the standard dimmer's Triac (a solid state switch). There are some special electronic ballasts that ( Full Answer )

What are the materials needed to produce aliminium?

I never heard of alimimium but i do know that aluminium can be made from Bauxite ore. The process. Aluminium oxide has a melting point of about 2,000 °C (3,600 °F). Therefore, it must be extracted by electrolysis. In this process, the aluminium oxide is dissolved in molten cryolite with ( Full Answer )

What are the materials needed to start photosynthesis?

Light, carbon dioxide, and water are the materials needed to startphotosynthesis. The carbon dioxide is needed for the Calvin cyclewhile the light and water are required for the light reactions.

What are the materials needed for dissecting?

There are certain safety ethics and compliance solutions that an individual actually needs when dissecting a certain body or something else. It depends on what you are going to dissect, for example, a frog as well as give valid reason why you need to dissect it.

Is glow in the dark material fluorescent?

They are sort of related; however, glow in the dark materials are actually referred to as phosphorescent. The whole idea behind photoluminescence is that a material absorbs radiation (light) and then re-emits it. Phosphorescent materials absorb light, but release it at a much slower rate. Therefore, ( Full Answer )

Why you need prepare a instructional materials?

majority of students will demonstrate a mix of learning styles or may vacillate between learning styles depending on the subject they are learning. However, some students, especially those with learning disabilities, can only learn through one mode. It is important for teachers to recognize and unde ( Full Answer )

What are the materials that you need for a robot?

First, and most important, you'll need knowledge. You'll need to understand how microcontrollers work and how to program them. You'll need to understand digital communications and if you want your robot to speak and/or understand, you'll need to understand speech synthesis. You'll need to understa ( Full Answer )

What materials are needed to make switches?

In an electrical system, essentially any conductive substance could be used to form a switch. At the integrated circuit level, it would be a partial conductor.

How many volts needed to run a fluorescent light?

The voltage of your area is what determines the operating voltage of all equipment. Equipment from other countries usually has to use a transformer to get the correct voltage. The voltage on a fluorescent fixture is printed on the ballast of the fixture. See if the voltage on the ballast matches the ( Full Answer )

What materials are needed when cleaning grout?

The materials to clean your grout would be some sort of good grout cleaner, such as a steam cleaner, a tooth brush, with a type of cleaning agent to clean out the grout.

What materials are needed to fabricate beer?

The ingredients required to brew your own beer isn't great in number, meaning the cost of brewing beer from home is relatively cheap once the equipment is purchased. To brew beer, all that is required is malt, hops, water, yeast and adjuncts (things to add in) for flavour, such as honey or brown su ( Full Answer )

What are some materials that need to be mined?

Basically, anything that is not grown has to be dug out of theearth. That includes all metals, all minerals, oil and gasdeposits. Odds are the power you are using in your computer rightnow came from mining- coal, oil, gas or uranium. Your computercontains 37 different elements that were obtained by ( Full Answer )