What is the needs of consumer?

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Consumers are always exploited by traders and sellers. Consumer awareness is needed to prevent the exploitation of consumers by traders and manufacturers. Consumers must also be made aware of their rights and duties.

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Q: What is the needs of consumer?
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What is consumer needs?

Consumer needs are what drives a demand for products.

What is consumer rights and exploitation?

Consumer rights refers to the right a consumer has in the market which needs to be protected. Consumer exploitation is when sellers take advantage of the consumers needs.

What are the needs of a consumer and producer?

a producer needs the basic things like water sun and oxygen and a consumer needs a producer.

What are consumer needs for Nike products?

what are consumer need for nike products =)

What are the economic needs?

Economic needs are needs that touch on consumer's time and money.

Does the tertiary consumer get as much energy as the primary consumer?

yes because it is the last consumer that needs energy

Is a hedghog a consumer?

YesAny living thing that needs to eat food is a consumer.

What are the five types of consumer needs?

•Stated needs •Real needs •Unstated needs •Delight needs •Secret needs

What is meant by a business being consumer le?

The business provides what the consumer wants or needs.

What is marketing shapes consumer needs and wants?

reflecting customers needs and wants

Is a mouse a producer or a consumer?

a mouse is a consumer because it depends on other things or insects for its needs]

What is consumer and its needs?

Consumer awareness is the knowlege that a consumer should have about his/her legal rights and duties.It is must for a consumer to follow these rights.It is implemented fr the protection of the consumer,so that the consumer is not exploited by the seller of the products.

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