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The Neolithic followed the Paleolithic Period, or age of chipped-stone tools, and preceded the Bronze Age, or early period of metal tools. A brief treatment of the Neolithic Period follows. For full treatment, see Stone Age: Neolithic and technology: The Neolithic Revolution.

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Q: What is the neolithic era?
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What happened in the neolithic era?

The neolithic era was famous for the beginning of human technology. The neolithic era is known as the end of the stone age. You can get more information about the neolithic era online at the Wikipedia.

What is a sentence for Neolithic era?

That sort of thinking is straight from the Neolithic era.

What came first Neolithic era ice age Paleolithic era mesolithic era?

paleolithic era, Neolithic era , mesolithic era

Did the ice age occur before the Paleolithic era or the Neolithic era?

It happened before the neolithic era. And after the Paleolithic era.

When was the Neolithic Era?

The Neolithic Era took place at about 8000 BC- 3000 BC.

What is the Era AFTER the Mesolithic Era?


How were the Neolithic era and Paleolithic era different?

the neolithic era was durring the ice age or when it was cold. the paleolithic era is after the ice age. the paleolithic era also is called the stone age

What era did hunter-gathers live in?

neolithic era

What is the era after the middle stone age?

It's the Neolithic Era

What is a sentence with the word neolithic?

The neolithic era is featured in a funny way on the Flintstones.

When did the Neolithic era start?

about 9500bc

Why was the Neolithic era important?

The Neolithic Era was important because it was when people began to herd animals, using and making tools and cultivating land.

Was hunting invented during the Paleolithic or neolithic era?

In the paleolithic era.

What era saw the rise of organized religion and megaliths?

Neolithic Era

When did the neolithic period end in America?

Officially, the Neolithic Era ended in 5,000 BCE.

Can you give a sentence with the word Neolithic?

The anthropologist found stone tools from the neolithic era.

What era comes after Neolithic?

The Chalcolithic Era, also known as the "Copper Age".

What was the Neolithic Era?

the New Stone Age

What Ended The Neolithic Era?

Invention of copper.

What is the significance of the Neolithic era?

no one knows

Where did Neolithic people live?

Many neolithic farmers have been staying in Ireland in the Neolithic Era. Hope this helps! ~Jamie

What were foods grown in the Neolithic era?

some foods grown in the Neolithic era were wheat cotton and peas. that is all I know bye

Which animals lived in the Neolithic Era?

back then in the neolithic era there lived sheep, goats, pigs, dinosaurs, mammoths, deer, tigers, elephant, rhinoceros, cheetas, ect.

What tools did people use in the Neolithic era?


Did Paleolithic nomads have flocks or herds?

No, that was in the Neolithic era

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