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What is the nicest way to reject a guy you dont like?


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Give him a hug, and tell him that it was really sweet for him ask you out in person. But then explain to him, that you dont like him that way, and that you hope that you two can still be friends. Dont make a discusted face, and dont laugh at him, you can reallly hurt a guys feelings that way. Just smile, and keep calm and cool.

I just did this yesturday when i guy asked me to the upcoming dance, he was upset for a bit. But after awhile he seemed alot better.


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Not at all. He is like the nicest guy ever. Not at all. He is like the nicest guy ever.

Put it in the nicest words possible. Like, "Recent events has helped me make a decision. I apoligise."

Rub your feces (poop) in his face. Don't you even think about dropping subtle hints to him.

Women reject men in a relationship because they either don't like they guy or don't like his personality such as if the guy is a bully. The woman would reject but if the guy is a sweet-heart, the woman would totally go out with him.

WOW, umm I really really really love the Jobros too, but I dont know if you can say the nicest guy, actually you can say that hes the most humble guy ever. Hes really laid back and is just an all around aweome person

This is a matter of opinion.

well this guy and I were already friends, but he ask me to be his "girlfriend". I said im sorry no i dont want to ruin our friendship, im really sorry

tell him you dont like him and hope you dont stalked raped or molested

im sorry your a really great guy but i just dont like you that way. we have an amazing friendship and i dont want to wreak that

if a guy likes you but you dont like him, tell him your not in to him and say sorry.

If a guy misses you, they will act like they dont when miss you but they really do in the inside. They will act like they dont miss you by treating you like family or annoying you.

he is the nicest guy ive ever met

They dont like it when you ask too many questions and they dont like clinging.

Tell him that you want to be friends but at this time you don't want anything more. that's preety much the nicest way to say it. If this guy is the kinda guy that YOU COULD POSSIBLY go out with tell him that your not saying that you'll never be anything..just not right now. If he's not the kinda guy you want than leave that out!! lolMiz Blonde

dont be obvious you like them just be yourself and if they dont like you too bad

Its pretty simple if he knows you like him, hes trying to say hes not interested in the nicest way possible.

you should most definetly give him a chance...i mean whats the harm just give him a chance you never know he could be the boy of your dreams..step out of your boundries..you dont like him after you give him a chance then just say im sorry i dont like you like that..unless you like another guy and you know he likes you back just tell him im sorry i dont like you like that in the nicest way possible...if he keeps bothering you be mean to him and he will stop liking you..trust me! been thru this many of times

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

just pretend that you didn't reject him like say hi too him and be there for him and still be his friend

It depends on what your reasons are...if you're not allowed to, or if you're not ready to have a relationship etc

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