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what is the nickname for the battle Fort Sumter

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Q: What is the nickname for fort Sumter?
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What are the south's nicknames in the fort Sumter?

what are the souths nickname for the fort sumter

What were Lincoln's choices in regard to fort Sumter?

his choise's were to resuply Fort Sumter

Is fort Sumter a museum?

Fort Sumter was a fort back when Lincoln was president.

What goemtric shape was fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter was a pentagon.

What town was Fort Sumter in?

Fort Sumter is in Charleston, South Carolina.

What states is Fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter is located in South Carolina .

Where did the battle fort Sumter took place?

Fort Sumter in SC.

How many cannons were there at fort Sumter?

There were 13 cannons at Fort Sumter.

Where was were first shots of the revolution fired?

at Fort Sumter

Was Fort Sumter a battle?

There was a battle for Fort Sumter in the American Civil War.

What is the area of Fort Sumter?

The area of Fort Sumter is 949,959.0765941761 square meters.

What is the city of fort Sumter?

Fort Sumter is in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. Fort Sumter is the original location of the beginning of The American Civil War.