What is the noun for forceful?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The noun form for the adjective forceful is forcefulness.

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Q: What is the noun for forceful?
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What is a sentence using forceful?

the verb: I forced her to obey me. the noun: I had to use a lot of force to get her to obey me.

Can the suffix -ness change an adjective into an adverb?

It would change it into a noun. eg: "Forceful" (adj) into "forcefulness" (n).

Is force a noun?

Force can be used as a noun or a verb, but it is not an adjective. It can, however, be used as a noun adjunct (force multiplier, force equation, force field). Adjectives could including forcing, forced, or forceful.

In An Indian Father's Plea what is Lake's tone?

Answer this question… Serious and forceful

What is an adjective for force?

The adjective form for the verb to force is the past participle, forced. The adjective forms for the noun force are forcible, forceful, and forceless.

Which event most disrupted oil production in Iraq?

The forceful removal of Iraq from Kuwait.

Is a hement a concrete noun?

There is no word spelled 'hement' in English.If you meant 'helmet', that is a concrete noun; a word for a type of headgear; a word for a physical object.If you mean 'vehement', that is an adjective; a word that describes a noun as showing strong, forceful, or intense feeling.

What is a forceful flowing called?

spate forceful flowings would be spates

Is passive voice direct natural and forceful?

It isn't direct or forceful.

What does the phrase quietly forceful mean?

Assertive means about the same as "quietly forceful."

Is the word activity an abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'activity' is an abstract noun; a word for forceful or energetic action; a natural, normal, or assigned function; an educational exercise designed to teach by firsthand experience; something done especially for relaxation or fun; a form of organized recreation. The noun 'activity' is a concrete noun for the intensity of a radioactive source, a measurable energy.

What does forceful speaker mean?

Forceful speakers express their opinions and wishes in a strong, emphatic, and confident way.