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5,050000 in 2008.

Source: Brazilian Central Bank


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the number of tourists that visit Bangkok every year is about 12 million people.

The number of tourists that visit Fort Sumter each year are 230,000.

The number of tourists to Zimbabwe is in the region of 2 to 2.5 million a year.

The number of tourists that visit Las Vegas per year varies depending on the year. On average, 38 million people visit each year.

About 2,000 tourists visit Afghanistan each year. This number used to be much higher, but the current turmoil has caused tourists to go elsewhere.

---- ====== ====== about 7 million tourists visit Hawaii each year

i don't know how many British tourists visit each year but there are 45 million tourists visit Spain each year!

As of 2011, the number of tourists visiting Belgium each year number around 7. 5 million people. Brussels is one of the most popular locations to visit in Belgium.

Rio de janeiro is one of the best and world famous city of Brazil. In fact, there are numbers of tourists love to visit this city each year. So, if you are planing for Brazil then must visit rio.

10 million tourists visit Istanbul each year. Last year broke with 11,6 million tourists. By MCA

Around 6 million tourists visit Dubai in a year !!! Its Beautiful ...

Around 45 million visit the Amazon river. As for the jungle, not many tourists go in the jungle because it is fairly dangerous with all the animals around. Brazil is encouraging tourists to go on safaris, but man have heard of the reports of people being dragged out of cars by big cats and other dangerous animals, so many tourists are to scared to go on the safaris that Brazil organises. Though 45 million might seem a lot of people to visit a river, Brazil hopes to increase the number each year. Over the past few years the government have organised boat rides for tourists actually wanting to travel down the Amazon river.

75,000 to 100,000 tourists a year visit Malham and up to 4,000 a day

about 20,000 tourists a year.

The number of tourists that visit Fiji each year varies with what's going on in the country, so sometimes the numbers are down and sometimes they are up. As of 2013, about 305,000 tourists visited Fiji during the year, and greater numbers are expected in 2014.

On average, 1.4 million tourists visit Alcatraz Island each year.

There is no constant to how many tourists come to New Orleans each and every year, though in 2012 the recorded number of tourists was 9.01 million visitors.

It is hard to know the exact number of people traveling to Bangalore every year. During the festive time of the year, there are a lot of tourists who visit. However, during non festive seasons, the percentage of tourists decreases.

Around 2 million tourists visit each year.

Over 100,000 tourists visit Wave Rock, Western Australia each year.

According to official tourism Spain data, 45 million tourists visit Spain each year

How many tourists visited Budapestlast year

Right now, its at about 70,000, but the number is always rising.

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