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Q: What is the number one smoking state in the US?
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What number state was Delaware when admitted to us?

Number One.

What is the number one horse state in the US?


What state is raked the number one state in populution in the US?

California followed by Texas

Does each state have one us senator and one state senator?

Every state has two U. S. Senators. The number of state senators depends on the state.

What is the number one gambling state in US?

Nevada, particularly Las Vegas.

What number state did Louisiana become in US?

It was the 18th US State.

What number state was Maine in the US?

Maine was the 23rd US State.

What is the least number f representatives a state can have?

The least number of representatives a state can have in the US House of Representatives is one. Every state, regardless of population, has two senators.

Where does Florida rank in size?

Florida ranks number four in size. The number one top ranked state in the US is California. The number two ranked state is Texas.

What number state was Pennsylvania to join the US?

It was the second state to jon the US.

What number did Louisiana become a state in the US?

what number did Louisiana become a state in the US whoever put this is stupid: Louisiana was the 18th state

Is smoking the number one killer in US?

No. The number 1 cause is heart disease. However, that is an effect of smoking, furthermore, smoking also causes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leading causes of death, which are cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease, respectively. Smoking can not be called a cause of death by itself; it simply causes diseases that account for more deaths that anything else.

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