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paww swimming!!!

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Q: What is the number one swimming team in the would?
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Who is the number one of swimming?

The number one of swimming would be Micheal Phelpes

What number is swimming ranked?

Swimming is ranked number one in the united states. Soccor is about number 3. and i dont know what number 2 is though. In the UK Male swimming is ranked No 1 and Female swimming is No 2

What sport can combine aeorbic and anerobic excersises?

lap swimming. one practice session with a competitive swimming team/club team will provide both exercises.

What sport is good for the body?

track is one of the best things to do for your body although track is good for your body, the BEST sport for your body is swimming. Not fun swimming but lap swimming or swimming on a swim team (a good one is metro).

How many people are needed in swimming?

One. You only need one person to swim. It's not a team sport.

Why do you need wetsuit for swimming?

You do not need one. A wet suit keeps you warm. You would only wear one if you are swimming in the ocean.

How do you you apply a swimming cap?

you can buy them at a sporting store, or if you are on a swim team, you can ask your coach for one.

What are the classification of sports according to player composition?

One way to classify sports according to player composition is to use how many players are on the team. For example, a pairs tennis team has two players, a swimming tean would have more, and a baseball or football team would have even more.

What is special about underwater swimming?

There are quite a number of various aspects of underwater swimming that would cause some to consider it to be special. One specialty is the ability to see other things swimming under the water such as fish. Another is the weightless feeling which many enjoy.

Number of players in volleyball in one team?

There are 6 players in a team.

What is the number one sports team?


What is the number of soccer players on the field for one team?

Normally there are 11 soccer players on the field for each team. One of those team members is the goalie. This number can change based on the league that the team is in.

How many members were on the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines team in the 2012 Olympics?

Three. One in swimming and two in track.

How many combinations of 4 students can you get from a 5 person swimming team?

Any combination of 5 students leaves one student out. Since there are 5 possible students to leave out, the number of combinations of all but one student is 5.

When comparing MLB records how can one team be one half game head of another?

A team can be a half game ahead of another in the standings if they have not palyed the same number of games. For example if team A has a record of 8-2 and team be has a record of 7-2, team A would be a half game ahead. If team B wins its 10th game, they would have the same record as team A and they would be "even". If team B loses its 10th game, they would be 7-3 and a full game back of team A.

Would swimming laps around the pool count as exercise?

Yes, in fact swimming is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.

How many calories would you burn swimming one mile?

560 calories

What are the advantages of fluid friction?

One would be........ A swimmer swimming through water

Would an orchid survive in a swimming pool environment?

plant one and find out

How many calories do you burn by swimming 25 laps in a 50 meter pool?

A 55 kilo person swimming 25 laps in one hour would burn 479 calories. The number of calories is primarily based on weight and pace.

Who is the tenth number on a basketball team?

No one can answer this question.

Who is the number one football team?

Dallas, Cowboys

What team in collage football is number one?


What is the number one team in soccer in the world?


Is Stanford the number one team in the nation for volleyball?