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  • Semen contains 5 calories and has a lot of stuff in it. Ejaculate contains aboutonia, ascorbic acid, blood-group antigens, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, creatine, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), fructose, glutathione, hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, spermidine, spermine, urea, uric acid, vitamin B12, and zinc.
  • Semen - an organic fluid, also known as seminal fluid, that usually contains spermatozoa, and physiologically secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs of male or hermaphroditic animals to fertilize the female ova. Typically, semen contains rather high nutritional content. In one typical ejaculation (approximately one teaspoon), semen contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3% US RDA copper and zinc. There are trace amounts of several vitamins in a regular, healthy, ejaculation-full of semen. In fact, the amount of vitamin C is about the same as in an orange.

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