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The nutritional value in 1.2 grams of sea salt is that it contains about 468 milligrams of sodium. It does not have any calories, fats, protein, or sugars.

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What is the nutritional difference between sea salt and rock salt?


Is sea salt healthier for you when cooking more so than regular table salt?

Both table salt and sea salt have the same nutritional value which is sodium and chloride. The main difference in the two lies in the taste and texture and their processing method from either the sea or salt mines.

What is the nutritional value of mango?

What is the nutritional value of a mango

What is nutritional value for soda?

Their is no nutritional value in soda.

What nutritional value do vegetables have?

the nutritional value is great.

Does cauliflower have nutritional value?

Yes, it is excellent nutritional value

What is the pH value of sea water?

The pH value of salt water is 8.

What is the nutritional value of sauerkraut?

what is the nutritional value of sauerkraut

What is the nutritional value of eating sea bream?

Sea Bream is a fish that is commonly eaten in Southeast Asia. Sea Bream is a good source of Vitamin D and Selenium.

What is the nutritional value of tofu?

What is the nutritional value for 1/2 cup of Tofu?

Does oyster sauce have a bad effect on your health?

Depends...oyster sauce has high salt content and low nutritional value

What is the nutritional function of salt?

Salt improve the taste of foods.

Nutritional value of seeds?

nutritional chart for seeds

What is the nutritional value of curry?

The nutritional value will depend on the type of curry. The vegetables, spices, oil used will define the nutritional aspect.

Why cellulose has no nutritional value?

Cellulose does have nutritional value. It is a major source of the needed fiber in our diet.

Weight of salt in the sea?

An average value for the concentration of sodium chloride in sea water is 35 g/L.

Does einsteinium have nutritional value?

Einsteinium doesn't have nutritional value and shouldn't be ingested due to its radioactive status.

What nutritional value does gold contain?

It has no nutritional value and is ignored by the digestive system and passes through if ingested.

Does chewing gum has the least nutritional value?

Possibly, yes. It's nutritional value approaches zero.

Does refining a food increase its nutritional value?

Unless vitamins are added, the nutritional value geherally decreases.

What food has little or no nutritional value?

It should be sweets.or it could be I learned about doritos and how much salt and acid there was.from what I learned was that salt was mostly the one with NO nutritional value.Salt can sometimes lower your blood pressure. When eating salsa or fries you should NEVER put anymore salt because there is already salt.well that's it!

Nutritional value of salt?

Zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero vitamins... Salt is needed in the diet, but a well-balanced diet already contains enough without adding any.

What vegetable has the least nutritional value?

My guess would be that the vegetable with the least nutritional value would be iceberg lettuce.

What is the nutritional value of hamburger?

The composition of hamburger varies greatly depending on the percentage of fat. That will affect the nutritional value.

How do you calculate the nutritional value of a certain recipe?

How can you calculate the nutritional value of a certain recipe for instance from the food network?

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