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The goal is to find stratigies and score goals ! but ...... you can also have fun ! =)

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Q: What is the object of the game of soccer?
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Is the sentence Tim invited you to a soccer game an indirect object or a direct object?

The sentence 'Tim invited you to a soccer game' is neither an indirect object nor a direct object. It is a sentence. It CONTAINS an indirect object ('a soccer game') and a direct object ('you'). It also contains a subject ('Tim'), a verb ('invited'), and a preposition ('to').

What is the verb in this sentence soccer is your favorite game?

The verb in the sentence is "is", a form of the verb to be.The verb "is' is functioning as a linking verb. A linking verb acts as an equals sign, the object restates the subject (soccer = game).

Who invented the game of soccer?

the aztecksSoccer is believed to have evolved from ancient games. Cuju was played by the Chinese in the 2nd century BCE. The game, as soccer does today, involved players kicking a leather ball. In Cuju, the object was to kick the ball into a hole in a piece of silk. The sheet of silk was held up by two 10 meter poles. Later, in 600 CE, the Japanese started playing a game called Kemari. The object was to keep a ball up in the air for as long as possible. From those games and possible others, the game, soccer was born. The game became a popular game for kids and adults alike, which started its spread across Europe. The game, soccer, is now the most popular sport in the world.

How many periods are there in a soccer game?

2 periods are in a soccer game

What is the oldest Soccer video game?

The video game "Pelé's Soccer" is known to be the first video game based on the game of soccer. It was released in 1981 for the Atari 2600.

What is LEGO Soccer Mania?

LEGO Soccer Mania was a LEGO-based video game in which a soccer-based game was played.

What object comes in a group of nine?


How many minutes is an average soccer game?

There are a total of 90 minutes in a soccer game.

When was the first soccer game in the US?

The first soccer game was held in the year 1885.

How has the game of soccer changed over time?

how does soccer game changes over time

What the name of that soccer game where your the manager and it cant be finished?

The name of the soccer game was football.

The aim of the soccer game?

The aim of a soccer game is to out score your opponent, therefore you win.

How do you play soccer game online?

you can play soccer game online on Mini Clip

How long does a soccer game run for?

A Soccer game runs for 90 minutes. *i think*

Longest Soccer Game ever?

longest soccer game ever was 68 hours

When do you form a wall in soccer game?

In a soccer game the wall is formed for a free kick.

What is a soccer cheer?

a soccer cheer is a love of the game not just to win. soccer is a game the many people say the it is just fun.

What does a soccer player do?

plays soccer. learns the game.

How do you use soccer in a sentence?

I play soccer I played soccer Soccer is a game I enjoy watching/playing

Will you have a soccer game?


How many touches does an average soccer player get in one game?

There are 598 touches in a soccer game.

What is the japan national game?

japans national game is soccer they love to play soccer and so do i

When did Tecmo Cup Soccer Game happen?

Tecmo Cup Soccer Game happened in 1990.

Can you trade a soccer game in for a shooter game at Gamestop?

You can trade the game but u would have to pay for the rest of the game that wasent been payed from the soccer game

What did they use for a soccer ball In the 1144?

The modern game of soccer didn't start until the 18th century. Soccer was not a football game in 1144.