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A vasectomy severs the vas deferens, preventing sperm from entering the man's ejaculate. This is a form of sterilization and Birth Control for males.

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Q: What is the objective of the vasectomy?
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At the Houston Vasectomy Clinic what is the average cost of a vasectomy?

A Vasectomy procedure will cost about $1,300 to any man not wanting to have children any longer if the procedure is done by the Houston Vasectomy Clinic.

Can a man who had a vasectomy have natural children?

You should not be able to get pregnant by a man who has had a vasectomy.

Can you get hiv from a man whom has had a vasectomy?

You can get HIV from a man who had a vasectomy. Vasectomy only eliminates the sperm portion of semen. HIV is still present in the seminal fluid.

If a men had a vasectomy done can a women get pregnant?

If the vasectomy was successful then no the woman cannot become pregnant.

Can you have a baby if you are fixed?

Do you mean had a vasectomy? Sometimes a vasectomy can not take, in which case you can have a baby. You can also get a vasectomy reversal for the same results. If by fixed you are implying that you are a neutered cat, I can't help you.

What procedure do you need to go through to get pregnant if your partner had a vasectomy?

Untied the vasectomy first before you can get pregnant.

How many pounds are you allowed to lift after a vasectomy?

10 to 15 lbs max i just got a vasectomy

Cpt code for bilateral vasectomy?

The CPT code for bilateral vasectomy is 55250. Get more information on

Is it possible to get pregnant if husband had a vasectomy 13 years ago?

Assuming his vasectomy was successful. Usually after a vasectomy, seminal fluid is checked for the presence of sperm. He could reverse his vasectomy. There are some problems after a vasectomy reversal. Sometimes men develop antibodies to their own sperm. I know that sounds strange, but, that is the main reason men are still infertile after a successful reversal.

Why is a vasectomy very effective in preventing a female to get pregnant?

A vasectomy prevents a male making a female pregnant. It does not prevent a female getting pregnant since she could get pregnant with a male who has not had a vasectomy or by artificial insemination.

Can you have a baby after vasectomy?

Technically the female has the baby and males get vasectomies, so you can't have a baby before or after having a vasectomy. However, if what you are asking is "if a man has had a vasectomy can he still father a child?" then the answer is possibly, but extremely unlikely.

What is anesthesia code for vasectomy?


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