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What is the oboe made from?

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mainly turtle

I'm going to leave the answer above because I think it's hilarious.

Oboes are either made of Grenadilla wood (and African blackwood) or Plastic. Plastic is much cheaper but as you could probably guess the Grenadilla oboes have a much better sound.

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How is the oboe instrument made?

Oboe is made of Grenilla wood

What was the 1st oboe made of?

The first oboe was made of wood.

Who discovered the oboe?

the oboe wasnt discovered it was made.

Is the oboe a woodwind or brass?

An oboe is a woodwind instrument because an oboe reed is made of wood.

What is an oboe made from?

Oboe keys and workings are made of metal, sometimes silver, and the oboe body is made of plastic for beginners, and the best ones are made of wood, and need extra care.

Where was the oboe made?

In France

What is an oboe made of?

An oboe is made out of wood normally, but there are also plastic oboes. Wood ones are more common.

Was the oboe made from a factory or hand made?

hand made

What was the oboe made of?

Oboes are made of plastic or wood.

When was the oboe made?


What is the oboe made of?

African Blackwood

How was the oboe made?

by using a machine

Why was the oboe made?

to play music?

What are oboe reeds made of?


Does the oboe sound lower or higher than a bassoon?

Yes, the oboe was made for high notes and the bassoon was made for low notes.

Is an oboe a woodwind bras or percussion instrument?

An oboe is a woodwind instrument (the reed is made of wood)

Changes that have been made to the oboe?


What is the oboe originally made of?

wan kenobi

How much do bass oboe reeds cost?

Well I live in South Florida and in your everyday music store, the cost of a regular oboe reed (not made by an oboe specialist) is about $15.

How many reeds on a oboe?

An oboe is considered a double-reeded instrument. Its mouthpiece is made of two reeds wired together at the bottom.

What is a oboe made of?

An oboe can be made at of wood, plastic, ebony or even metal. Classically, the oboe is made of Grenadilla wood (African Blackwood), though Rosewood is becoming more common as the supply of Grenadilla wood continues to shrink. Student oboes are commonly made of plastic resin, and have continued to improve in workmanship and tone quality.

What is the meaning of oboe?

meaning of Oboe

Is an oboe made of wood?

no. fiber glass. but the double reed is.

Why does the oboe belong to the woodwinds?

Because they are generally made out of rosewood.

What is the oboe made out of?

The body of the oboe is made out of rosewood or grenadilla wood, mostly grenadilla. Although, you can buy oboes that are all plastic or that have a plastic top joint. The keys are silver plated.

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