What is the official language of Portugal?

Portugal has 3 official Languages, being the Portuguese Language the main language. Language that is spoken by all Portuguese citizens.

In a gist the 3 official Languages in Portugal are:

1 - Portuguese Language;

2 - Mirandese Language;

3 - Portuguese Sign Language.

Mirandese is a Regional Language, meaning that even though it has an official status it is only spoken by less than 5.000 people (in Miranda do Douro region) and as a secondary language, being Portuguese their native language.

Portuguese Sign Language is used mainly by deaf people, even thought it was recognized as an official status it has.

Portuguese Language is also the official language in other 10 countries (including Brazil, Macau, Timor and Angola), which make this language to be represented officially in the 4 major Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America.