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four (4) quarts

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Q: What is the oil capacity on a 1996 Honda shadow ace?
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Fuel capacity on a 2002 750 shadow ace Honda?

The fuel capacity on a 2002 Honda 750 Shadow Ace Honda is 14 liters or 3.1 gallons. This is providing the tank is factory stock.

What is the oil capacity for a 1997 Honda Shadow ACE VT1100?

3.3 quarts

How many Honda dealerships in the US?

1996 Honda vt1100c2 ace shadow holds 3.9 quarts

How many quarts needed for a 2003 Honda shadow vt1100 spirit oil change?

the 1996 Honda vt1100c2 ace shadow holds 3.9 quarts

What is the oil capacity on a 2003 Honda shadow 750 ace?

According to the manual, the oil capacity at draining is 2.32 quarts or 2.2 liters. The capacity at oil filter change is 2.54 quarts or 2.4 liters.

Where is the owners manual Honda shadow ace?

under the seat

Honda shadow ace 1100 will the front forks fit other shadow models?

it will explode

What is the value of a 1997 Honda Shadow?

The Honda Shadow 1100 Ace goes for around $3800 up to $4000. The Shadow VT700 goes from around $2500 to $3000.

Will an exhaust from a 2002 Honda Shadow Sabre VT 1100 fit a 2003 Shadow ACE 750?


What is the Capacity of 750 shadow fuel tank.?

The 750 Shadow ACE is 3.5-3.7 gal. (I think).

What now 1996 Honda shadow 1100 ace will not charge after new battery stator and regulator?

eeet wood go ebouut 12 tooo15 mph

1999 Honda Shadow ACE Tourer 1100 spark plug gap?

On the 1999 Honda 100 Ace the Plug Gap is suppose to be .36 thousands

Where is the flasher relay located on a 2001 Honda shadow ace 750cd?


Where is the fuse located on a Honda shadow ace 1100?

I dont know i need to know where the fuses are under the seat of honda shadow 1100 show picture please

What is the transmission oil capacity on a 2003 Honda shadow 750 ace?

The engine oil & transmission are lubed by the same oil, just keep the engine oil to it's full level & it will be fine. Total capacity is about 2.54 quarts

What is the horsepower rating of a 2003 Honda 750?

The Honda Nighthawk 750 is rated at 75 hp. The Honda Shadow Spirit 750 is rated at 60 hp. The Honda Shadow ACE 750 is rated at 43 hp.

How much oil does a 1999 Honda shadow 750 ace require?

3 qrts

What is the battery for 2003 Honda shadow ace 750?

The battery is YTX 14-BS

How many Honda shadow ace 750 limited editions were made in 2003?


Where is the fuel pump located on the vt1100 shadow ace toiur?

remove fuel pump 1998 honda VT 1100 ace tour

What is the chain size for a 2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750?

Size 525122 links

What size chain for 99 Honda shadow 750 ace?

my 750 has a 525 122 chain

What is the shift pattern for a 1995 Honda Shadow ACE 1100?

One down, four up

What type of coolant does 2003 Honda shadow ace take?

It really is best to get the pre-mix from your Honda dealer. Can't go wrong with this.

What is the high book value of a 2002 Honda shadow 750 ace with 1200 miles on it?

it is in pristine condition.