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5 quarts

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Q: What is the oil capacity on a 3.3 liter Plymouth Grand Voyager?
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What is the oil capacity on a 3.0 liter Plymouth Voyager?

4.5 quarts

What is the coolant capacity of a 1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 V6?

The 1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 liter engine coolant capacity is 5.5 gallons. The coolant should be at a minimum of 50 percent antifreeze.

What motor oil do you put in 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager V6 3.0 liter?

5w30 or 10w30

What is the oil capacity on a 2005 3.3 liter Plymouth Voyager?

The last Plymouth was in 2001. The Chrysler/Dodge 3.3L V6 holds 5 quarts of oil.

What is the firing order for a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.0 liter?


Will a 95 3.0 liter Plymouth Voyager transmission interchange with a 92 3.3 liter Plymouth Voyager transmission?

No the bell housings won't match each other.

What is the firing order of a 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.8 liter v6?


How do you find and replace the heater core on a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager V-6 3.0 liter?

.the heater core is behind the dash .

What is the coolant capacity of a '99 Plymouth Voyager 201 3.3 V6?

Don't know the coolant capacity for your specific model year. I have a 1990 Grand Voyager 3.3L. The coolant capacity as specified in my owner manual is 8.5 qts. The Hanes manual lists the coolant capacity for this 1999 3.3 liter engine as 10.5 quarts. Incredibly the owners manual does not list the coolant capacity. Shame on you Chrysler company.

Will a 97 TownCountry 3.8 liter trans fit into a 95 Plymouth voyager 3.0 liter?


Will a 3.3 liter v6 Plymouth grand voyager transmission mount up to a Chrysler town and country 3.8 liter v6?

Yes it will but the gear ratio will be a slight bit different.

Does a 1995 Dodge 3.3 liter v6 fit into a 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

if you get the same 3.3 engine, 1993 to a 1995 is all interchangable

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