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Who were the scot Irish?

They were protestant Presbyterian, Lowland Scots. The Scot-Irish were not Irish and were not Catholics. The term Scot-Irish is strictly an American nomenclature. In England and Ireland the same people are called Ulster Scots, which is much less confusing. For the entire piece, go to: http:/ ( Full Answer )

Who are the Scots?

The 'Scots' can refer to various things through Scottish history. Originally what is now Scotland was occupied by the Picts, a Northern Celtic people, similar to the Brythonic Celts (Britons) in what is now England & Wales. The Roman empire never managed to subdue the Picts so they became cultur ( Full Answer )

How old was Mary queen of Scots when she died?

Mary was born Dec. 7 or 8th 1542 and died in 1587 which makes her 45 at her death. Elizabeth signed her warrant of execution on Feb. 1, 1587. It was carried out on the 8th. Her body was buried at Peterborough, but in 1612 it was reburied in Henry VII's Chapel at Westminster in a tomb erected by Jame ( Full Answer )

Where did Mary Queen of Scots die?

Mary I .... popularly known as Mary, Queen of Scots was tried following her involvement in 3 plots to assassinate Elizabeth I of England and place herself on the throne, she was convicted of treason and sentenced to beheading.. The execution took place at Fotheringhay Castle , Northamptonshire, E ( Full Answer )

Do the Scots wear kilts?

Not always. Kilts are worn by men at special events, such as Weddings, Burns night...etc. We don't go around wearing them all the time, that would be stupid.

Why was Mary Queen of Scots important?

because her father died six days after she was born so she became queen of Scotland she was originally known as Mary queen of Scots.

How did Correta Scot King die?

Correta Scott King (Martin Luther Kings wife) died in 2006 from a dangerous, sudden stroke. She did not die of old age as some people belive. Mrs. King also was not only the wife of Martin Luther King, but also the mother of... - Yolanda King - Dexter King - Bernice King - Martin Luther King lll ( Full Answer )

Who did Mary Queen of Scots marry?

She was married to three men: 1. Francis II of France (1558-60) - married on 24th April 1558 2. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1565-1567) - married on 29th July 1565 3. James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell (1567-1578) - married on 15th May 1567

Who are 'black scots'?

Dubh means black in the language of the Scots and Irish. There was supposedly a King of Scotland - Kenneth Dubh that some say was of dark complexion. Others say there were many warriors from North Africa that were in Scotland that were in alliance with the highlanders ( Moors or Blackamoor) The stor ( Full Answer )

What is a scot maxwell?

scot was born in 1994 to an average family but with not so avergae deformities. He was born with lines instead of eyes and as he grew he became more and more yellow and he was also classified a dwarf.

What is a Scots Ballad?

It's a poem, commonly set to song (ie Auld Lang Syne) that either tells a story or describes a conversation and is always written in Scots (as opposed to Gaidhlig or English)

What is the difference between the scots-irish and the scots-highlanders?

Scots-highlanders are the present, or formerly, Gaelic speaking inhabitants. Scots-Irish are descendants of a colonization of northern Ireland that took place in the 1600s. Called "Ulster Scots" outside of the USA. They are largely descended from Lowlanders rather than Highlanders.

Who is the king as the Scots?

There isn't a King of the Scots. Following the union of the Crowns on the death of Elizabeth the First (of England), James the 6th of Scotland became the King of England. So, in effect, he became James the First of England and 6th of Scotland. He was the chap who was responsible for commisioning the ( Full Answer )

How old was queen Mary Stuart of Scots when she became queen?

Mary Queen of Scots was 1 week old when she became Queen of Scotland (following her father's death at the Battle of Solway Moss) & 16 when she became Queen of France (following the death of her 1st father-in-law King Henri II in 1559).. By the age of 18 she was no longer Queen of France (her 1st hu ( Full Answer )

Did the Scots rebel when Mary queen of Scots died?

They probably would have done & some were outraged that King James VI did nothing to avenge his mother's death. But James was keen to maintain good relation with Queen Elizabeth I (which possibly helped to his succeeding her following her death in 1603).. Following Mary's execution, Elizabeth sent ( Full Answer )

How does Scots what had go?

Robert Bruce's March To Bannockburn. Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, Scot's wham Bruce has aften led, Welcome to your gory bed, Or to Victorie! Now's the day, and now's the hour; See the front o' battle lour; See approach proud Edward's power- Chains and Slaverie! Wha will be a t ( Full Answer )

Where did the Scots originate?

The original inhabitants of Scotland were the Picts whose origins are uncertain. Scotland is named after the Scotti tribe who emigrated from Ireland to southwest Scotland.

Who is Pict SCOT?

This is Roman term for a member of the peoples of northern Scotland, possibly meaning 'painted' (tattooed). Of pre-Celtic origin, and speaking a Celtic language which died out in about the 10th century, the Picts are thought to have inhabited much of England before the arrival of the Celtic Britons. ( Full Answer )

What are picts and Scots?

The Picts are the original inhabitants of what became Scotland. The Romans called them the 'Caledonia' or 'Painted Ones'. The Scots were a Celtic tribe from what is now Northern Ireland, the 'Scotti'. The Scotti moved to the Argyle region of Scotland and slowly 'bred out' the Picts. The country even ( Full Answer )

Why do Scots migrate?

Originally, in the nineteenth century, it was because of the highland clearances in which landowners with that rented out to farmers (crofters in Scots) and clan chiefs that officially owned the land their clans lived on evicted the tenants and clansmen from their farmhouses (crofts) and abodes so t ( Full Answer )

Who is bon scot?

One option is Bon Scott, who, according to Wikipedia was: "Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott (9 July 1946 - 19 February 1980) was a Scottish-born Australian rock musician, best known for being the lead singer and lyricist of Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1974 until his death in 1980." Read more, b ( Full Answer )

Why is scot brown a republican?

Even though his policies do not follow completely with theRepublicans the majority of his policies do.

How did Charles 1st upset the Scots?

He tried to make the Scots use the knew prayer book but the Scots reffused and said it was too Catholic for them./

What did the Scots have to do with the Civil War?

Many of the men who fought in the war were Scot/Irish. They often were signed up as they came off the ships into the port. Many states also had large Scot/Irish populations that came in the 1700's and in the early 1800's. I have seen the number as high as 80% of the troops were Scot/Irish.

How did the Scots win the Battle of Falkirk?

The were two battles of Falkirk, one in 1298 between Scottish forces and the English army, which was won by England and the other in 1746 which was a Jacobite victory over the Hanoverian British army. So in conclusion neither of the battles was won by a Scottish force. The battle in 1746 had many S ( Full Answer )

How did mary become queen of Scots?

She became Mary queen of scots, because her Father King James, passed away. And she took over the throne from just six days old!

Is Boyd an ulster scot name?

There are many Boyd's in Ulster. Most of whom originated in Scotland. There are no specifically Ulster-Scots names as such but if the name is in Ireland and the family can be traced back further to Scotland then those people are likely to be Ulster-Scots.

Scots that have an English premIERSHIP medal?

Colin Hendry (Blackburn) Kevin Gallacher (Blackburn) Brian McClair (Manchester United) Darren Fletcher (Manchester United) Darren Ferguson (Manchester United)

Was Mary queen of Scots a mother?

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542 - 1587) was the mother of James VI of Scotland (later James I of England) by her second husband, Lord Henry Darnley.

What did Mary queen of Scots do in France?

Her mother, Marie de Guise ( Mary of Guise) was French. she ( mother) died early in her reign, and for some odd reason Mary Stuart was not permitted to attend her mother"s funeral. Mary, Queen of Scots herself expressed the wish for a (French Burial) which did not occur. Her remains are under an ela ( Full Answer )

Who was Mary queen of Scots heir?

Mary, Queen of Scots eir was her son, James VI. He had been raised to hate her, and when she died, he made no effort to help her, or grieve for her.

Who assassinated Mary queen of Scots?

She was not assassinated, she was executed on the order of Queen Elizabeth I. For many years Elizabeth struggled with the decision to execute Mary. She did not want to sign the death warrant of a fellow queen and family member, but eventually she had no choice.

Are Scots British?

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and as such, Scottish peopleare British. The nationality of a Scot is listed in his/herpassport as 'British Citizen'.

Who is an famous Scot?

There are quite a few famous Scots but I'll keep it brief: Robert Burns William Wallace

What is Ulster Scots?

It can refer to dialects of Scottish Gaelic spoken in parts of Ulster in Ireland. or English that is spoken with an Ulster Scots accent.

Why are the Scots called the Scots?

Scotland was named after the Scotti tribe from Ireland who settled in southwest Scotland. People from Scotland can either be called Scottish or Scots.