What is the old tna roster?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is the old tna roster?
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Who is Samoa Joe?

A former TNA wrestler who is now signed to Wwe on the Monday Night Raw roster

Who eles is on tna?

Other than who? I suggest taking a look at Tna's website :

Is Jeff hardy on the TNA roster?

yeah he signed on in the 3 hour impact on monday night

Should have Christian stayed in TNA or went back to WWE?

tna he was way more popular in tna then in the wwe however since he came into ecw and not raw and smackdown it adds an extra person to the ecw roster hope that helped x

Will rob van dam be on the tna WWE or ecw roster?

Neither as he is not returning full time to wrestling at this point.

What roster is Jeff hardy on in the WWE?

Jeff Got Fired In Late 2009.He is now in TNA iMPACT! (as Of 2010)

Is Jeff hardy still in tna?

no one knows for sure he is still on the TNA roster but he hasn't appeared on TNA after victory road some are saying he will come back and turn face. Some people say he will return to WWE no one knows for sure.

What WWE Superstars have moved on to TNA?

Scott Hall, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Jeff Hardy, Kaz, Victoria, Christy, Mr. Kennedy, over half of TNA's roster are ex-WWE

Please please Jeff hardy return to WWE?

Jeff has a contract to join the TNA roster provided he is found not guilty in his trial. Regardless of whether or not he joins TNA, WWE have deleted him from pretty much erased him for appearing on TNA and he's fallen out of favour with them. So no.

Is Jeff hardy part of the tna roster now?

Yes he is, he appeared on the 4th Jan 21010 show!! Vince is going down...!!

Is Matt hardy curretly on tna?

yes he has if you check on and go on roster Matt hardy, mickie James and Jeff hardy has gone

Is Christian on nxt?

no hes still on the smackdown roster. Kurt angles tna contract has expired so hes coming back to wwe