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Peugeot started as a coffee mil company in 1810, and car manufacturer in 1882 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peugeot).

Tatra reportedly started in 1850, and its car production in 1897 named the President (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatra_%28company%29).

While Mercedes was designed by a Czech-Hungarian German called Emil Jelinek in 1901 under the name Daimler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz) and (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emil_Jellinek).

Skoda goes back to 1895, with "automobiles" manufacturing starting around "1905"

Whereas Ford did not start as a company until 1903.

"Steam-powered car is made by De Dion, Bouton & Trépardoux of France in 1884 and is most commonly known as the La Marquise. It is the first car invented but when we are talking about manufacturing it is the Fords company leaded by the founder Henry Ford."

The Ford Motor Company was not the oldest manufacturer.. The only thing that Henry Ford brought to the table was the invention of Mass Production via the assembly line, which simply made cars more affordable.

The oldest American car company is actually Buick which was founded in 1899 as a car manufacturer. Ford Motor Company was not started until June 1903, followed by Cadillac in August 1903. Henry Ford initially started Detroit Automobile Company in August 1899, but later dissolved it in January 1901. In Oct 1901, he started Henry Ford Motor Company, but left in 1902, causing the company to be restructured into Cadillac in August 1903.

Prior to its dissolution of the brand name in 2004, Oldsmobile was the oldest American car manufacturer starting business to make cars in 1897.

Thus the oldest, still producing, car manufacturer in the world is Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz was founded in 1881 and patented their first car in 1885. But it was not until 1901 that they actually marketed a vehicle and it was not until 1926 that the Mercedes Benz brand name was established.

MERCEDES BENZ, (Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler) made the FIRST AUTOMOBILE ON RECORD in patented in 1885. Peugeot, (from Peugeot's own documented history), used the Daimler motor in 1891 to make their first 'petro' automobile, while the first Peugeot stream carraige was in 1889.
Buick is actually the oldest car manufacturer in the United States.

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Longest car manufacturer name?

Ford Motor Company is the oldest car manufacturer.

Who is the Oldest automobile manufacturer?

Mercedes-Benz- made the first car Buick is the current oldest American car co. still in business.

What is the oldest car manufacturer in the US?

Ford, in 1903 they produced the model T.

Who is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world?

Beretta is the oldest firearm manufacturer that is still in business. They began in 1498.

Who is the oldest in charge of a car manufacturer?

The Oldest manufacturer still in business today is that of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, Mercedes-Benz in 1886. Peugeot using a stream engine produced their first in 1889, in 1891 they used a Daimler motor to run their automobile.

What is the oldest pretzel manufacturer in the US?

Unique Pretzel Bakery Inc. The oldest commercial pretzel manufacturer in the U.S. is Sturgis Pretzels in Lititz, PA.

What is the oldest Chrysler car model?

Chrysler Six was the first model of Chrysler manufacturer that was introduces into the market in January 1924. This kind of car had a new six-cylinder engine.

What car manufacturer has a car named after a flower?

Lotus is a car manufacturer which shares its name with a flower.

What was the first car ever made US?

Buckeye gasoline buggy, 1 built by John Lambert in 1891 First major manufacturer was oldsmobile in 1901, was the oldest car company

What is the worlds oldest car manufacturer?

Mercedes-BenzEDITED: Mercedes-Benz is not the oldest company.The worlds most oldest car manufacturer is Holden,Australian. It was founded in the year 1856.Not many people know this because Australia is not a noticed country.A:Another twist in the oldest car manufacturer is that, Benz design was alight three wheeled carrage with belt drive around the engine , the car first ran on the streets of Mannheim in June 1886. Benz did not build a four wheeled car until 1891. It was only after seeing the success of Peugeot and Panhard & Levassor that Daimler and his assistant, Wilhelm Maybach, began to think in terms of complete cars, rather than just engines. Peugeot then could be one of the oldest car manufacturer's, They had a factory established in 1896 "Society des Automobiles".Peugeot also had a steam powered tricycle at the Paris World exhibition in 1889.

What is are the aims and objectives of VW?

To become the world's leading car manufacturer.To overtake Toyota as the leading car manufacturer.To become the world's leading car manufacturer.

Who is the BMW car manufacturer?

it s a germen manufacturer....

When was Elva - car manufacturer - created?

Elva - car manufacturer - was created in 1955.

What year is the oldest car made?

The oldest car was made in France in 1884.

What is certified pre-owned car?

It is a pre owned car which has undergone an inspection by the manufacturer or a third party authorised by the manufacturer and can be warrantied by that manufacturer.

The MDX is a model of car offered by what auto manufacturer?

The MDX is model of car offered by the manufacturer Acura.

Who made the second car?

The second car manufacturer.

Can i put a dipstick from another car into a different car?

No. Oil dipsticks are proprietary equipment that vary from engine to engine, car manufacturer to car manufacturer. They are not "universal" items.

What is the second oldest car company?

Opel is the second oldest car company. they started in 1899

Unjumble letters 'friske. to name a car manufacturer?

Fisker, an electric car manufacturer I think from Holland

What is the oldest car brand in Japan?

The oldest car brand in Japan is Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi Car Motor Company was founded in 1870.

What does the company Daihatsu manufacture?

The oldest car manufacturer in Japan, the Daihatsu Motor Company continues to manufacture vehicles. Currently, the company specializes in hybrid and other fuel efficient vehicles.

What car manufacturer is responsible for the Explorer?

The car manufacturing company that is responsible for the creation of the Explorer is Ford. Ford is an American car manufacturer, and is the second largest in the United States.

How do you know if your car has a factory sub?

To know whether you car has a factory sub you can call your manufacturer and ask him. The manufacturer will give you a correct answer for the same.

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