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Oldest unanswered questions keep on changing.

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Q: What is the oldest unanswered question on WikiAnswers?
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Related questions

How do you find a list of the oldest unanswered questions on WikiAnswers?

The unanswered questions are listed in the order they were posted. To find the oldest question in a particular category - simply go to the last page of unanswered questions. That's what I did when I came on here today !

Is this question going to be unanswered?

No, this question isn't going unanswered. It is being answered to fulfill the goal of WikiAnswers, which is to answer every question asked on WikiAnswers.

Is this question is going to be unanswered?

No, this question isn't going unanswered. It is being answered to fulfill the goal of WikiAnswers, which is to answer every question asked on WikiAnswers.

How do you you flag an unanswered question?

You cannot flag an unanswered question on WikiAnswers. The "Flag" button is missing if the question does not have an answer.

How can you contribute a suggestion for WikiAnswers?

You can become a member, or answer an unanswered question in wikianswers

What is oldest unanswered question at the time of your answer?

None, as at the time of your answer you are answering the question so it is not unanswered anymore

How do you make an answer to a guestion on WikiAnswers?

To answer a question on WikiAnswers, first go to an unanswered question and click the "Answer It" button just below the question. Then, type in your answer to the question. Hit save, and you will have answered a question on WikiAnswers

Where can you find a unanswered question?

Browse through the wikianswers website

Who gives the answer to your question?

Random people, type in on google wikianswers unanswered

What is the point of and WikiAnswers?

it is basically to help you answers all your unanswered question and to answer question of others

Why does WikiAnswers have unanswered questions?

Users on WikiAnswers give the answers so it depends on if they know the answer or if they have seen the question yet.

How do you ask a unanswered question on WikiAnswers?

You scroll to the bottom of some questions and hit answer it.

Is it safe to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

Certainly! But answer it only if you know the answer to that question. If you don't, it's best to leave it unanswered.

Are the majority of questions on Wikianswers answered or unanswered?

The majority of questions on WikiAnswers are actually unanswered.

What can you do on WikiAnswers if you are dead bored?

Research an unanswered question in your favorite subject and join the quest for knowledge.

What is the purpose of 'unanswered questions' on WikiAnswers?

The purpose for the Unanswered questions is for other members of WikiAnswers to answer any question that other users have about almost everything. That way the people who ask the questions are happy to have help and the people who answer the questions are happy to help.

How long are unanswered questions kept on the WikiAnswers website?

Unanswered questions are generally left on WikiAnswers indefinitely, unless of course they violate WikiAnswers' policies.

What is the oldest question here that has never been answered?

Currently - the oldest question in the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' section is How did Microsoft impact WikiAnswers- posted on 25th May 2007.

Why do some questions on WikiAnswers go unanswered?

Thousands of questions are posted on WikiAnswers every day. As WikiAnswers relies mainly on volunteers to answer questions, it is not always possible for every question to be answered.

What are the unanswered questions about maglev?

I have no idea maybe you should ask the Creator of wikianswers that question

How do you watch a question on WikiAnswers that you didn't write?

If it is unanswered you can click on the get updates link on the right side of the sceen and it should send you an email if that question is updated.

How come you do not get an answer to every question that you ask?

It is because, wikianswers does not answer your questions. Members of wikianswers who volunteer to use the site answer the questions on the topics they are familiar with. Hence there are many questions that are still unanswered.

What is the unanswered question list?

The unanswered question list is a list of unanswered questions.

What questions are unanswered on wikianswers?


Why isn't there an 'Answer oldest questions' button on WikiAnswers?

The questions are listed in chronological order - if you want to answer the oldest questions - simply scroll through the pages until you get to the last one. Be warned though - in some of the categories there are hundreds of unanswered questions !