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Q: What is the one large landmass hypothesized to have broken apart about 200 million years ago into conticontinents?
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What is a large landmass hypothesized to have broken apart a few hundred million years ago?

It is Pangaea. I am 11 yrs old in 6th grade and learning all about this in class! I love SCIENCE!!!!

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The older theory of continental drift suggested?

hat there was once a supercontinent and the huge landmass was broken into continents that drifted apart .

What is one large landmass hypothosized to have broken apart about 200 million years ago into continents?

Pangaea started to break apart about 250 million years ago forming Laurasia (Not sure if that is spelled right) and Gondwanaland (I'm serious that's the name, ridiculous right) about 185-200 million years ago So your answer is Laurasia and Gondwanaland, one of the two. Hopes this helps :)

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