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What is the opposite occupied?

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What is the opposite of vacant?

occupiedFull, occupied, overflowing...

What is the opposite of unoccupied?


What the opposite of occupied?


What is the opposite of the word occupied?


What is the opposite word of deserted?

populated, peopled, occupied

What is the opposite of empty?

Opposites could be full, or filled.For metaphorically empty (hollow), the opposite could be meaningful.For empty, specifically of people, the opposite could be populated, or occupied.the oppisite of empty is full

How much of the occupied housing stock in Canada is owner-occupied?

60% of the occupied housing stock in Canada is owner-occupied.

Energy levels of an atom are occupied by what?

An atom's energy levels are orbitals which can contain 2 electrons each, assuming that they are traveling in opposite directions from each other.

What is past participle of occupied?


The land of Canaan was occupied by who?

It was occupied by the Philistines.

What do you call occupied restroom on a airplane?

...Occupied -_-

Is this how you spell occupied?

Yes, that is how you spell occupied.

How much occupied housing stock in Canada is owner-occupied?

Type your answer here... 1000

Was Germany occupied by the Nazis?

Yes, it was occupied by the Nazis

What do you call an occupied restroom on an airplane in flight?


Was Spain occupied by the Nazis?

No, Spain was not occupied by the Nazis.

How do you spell occupied?

That is the correct spelling of the word "occupied".

What is an owner-occupied home?

Owner-occupied HomeAn owner-occupied home is one in which the owners are living.

Is the moon already occupied?

The moon has been visited but not occupied.

Was Finland occupied by the Nazis?

Yes. Finland was occupied by the nazis.

Who occupied Sweden?

No country has occupied Sweden, at any point.

Who occupied Egypt after the Romans?

The Arabs occupied Egypt after the Romans.

When was Spain occupied by Germany?

Spain was never occupied by Germany.

Who occupied Omaha Beach?

The Germans occupied it and the Allies attacked it.

When was Occupied London created?

Occupied London was created in 2007.

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