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"unorthodox", when the meaning is non-conventional or non-traditionalist, but "heterodox", when the meaning is a non-Orthodox Christian or belief.

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Q: What is the opposite of orthodox?
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What is the opposite of unorthodox?

The opposite would be orthodox: conventional, traditional, standard, or usual.

What is an orthodox in boxing?

Opposite of a Southpaw, ie leads with his left hand

Can you make a meaningful sentence using the word orthodox?

orthodox = standard, conventional, traditional Copernicus got into a lot of trouble for challenging the orthodox view that the sun revolved round the Earth; Copernicus believed the opposite.

Can Orthodox Jews exercise in the same room?

Yes, but men and women stay on opposite sides of the room.

Can an Orthodox pray in a Catholic church or the opposite?

Whilst praying together has sometimes happened in the past, receiving Communion together is not permitted. Usually an Orthodox person can only pray in a Catholic church if there is no other Orthodox church within a reasonable distance.

Why don't men and woman sit together in Orthodox synagogues?

In order to concentrate on the prayers, not on the opposite sex.See also:More about Jewish prayer and synagogues

What types of orthodox churches exist?

Russian orthodox. Greek orthodox. Coptic orthodox. Antiochia orthodox. Eastern orthodox. Ethiopian orthodox.

What is the opposite of deacon?

In Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches a deacon is an ordained minister of an order ranking below that of priest. There can be no opposite. In these churches there are simply different roles that people play. The laity (or members) have a number of roles reserved for them, the religious (minsiters, nuns, etc) have other roles.

What do you call to the followers of eastern orthodox?

They are called Eastern Orthodox Christians or just Orthodox Christians.

What is a christian - greek orthodox?

A ‘Greek Orthodox’ Christian is a Christian who comes under the Orthodox Church of Greece. In the rest of the world, he or she would be known as an Orthodox Christian. The name "greek orthodox" should not be used to describe Orthodox Christians in other countries outside of Greece. There is no nationality in the Orthodox Church. It is open to people of all backgrounds, races and cultures. Orthodox Christians in Japan are Japanese Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in Russia are Russian Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in America are American Orthodox, etc.

Is Nina dobrev Christian?

She is Eastern Orthodox. More specifically, Bulgarian Orthodox. Not Russian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox.

What are the Eastern Orthodox religions?

greek orthodox