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The sign of affection is a set of Heart Colors that change when the person like you more. It goes in this order:

Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-18 21:00:46
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Q: What is the order of affection on harvest moon ds cute?
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Harvest moon cute max affection?

» 60,000 to 65,535 = Red Heart 65,535 LP is the max Affection.

What cheats can you do with an action replay and harvest moon cute?

In the game, "Harvest Moon Cute," there is an action replay called "Greys Love Affection Maxed. The cheat code for this is 223BF4D4 000000FF.

In harvest moon cute how high does your affection have to be for proposal?

At least 60,000 LP (Red heart level)

How do you get a boyfriend on harvest moon ds cute?

you get a boyfriend by boosting his affection points. give him gifts every day. if he likes them his affection will boost, and if he doesn't then they will go down.

How many children can you have on harvest moon cute?

On Harvest Moon D.S. Cute you only have ONE.

How do you get a rabbit on harvest moon ds cute?

You cannot get a rabbit in Harvest Moon DS Cute.

How can you be a boy on Harvest Moon DS Cute?

You can only be a girl in Harvest Moon DS Cute

Harvest moon ds cute codes?

none :( there are glitches for the boy version of harvest moon ds though. but for harvest moon cute, they were fixed :(

Do you have to go in order for the hearts on harvest moon Ds cute?

Yes. You have to go in order.

Who is gannon from harvest moon cute?

There is no character named Gannon in Harvest Moon DS Cute. Gannon is a carpenter in the games Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Island.

How much does harvest moon ds cute cost?

The Harvest moon DS cute game cost about $40.00

Is harvest moon ds cute available in Ireland?

No, Harvest Moon CUTE had no release set for Europe at all.

Will Kai lose affection for you after the summer in harvest moon ds cute?

No he won't his AP will stay the same,they won't go up or down.

How do you activate the shearing cheat in Harvest Moon Cute?

This appears to have been corrected in the English version of Harvest Moon DS Cute. Sorry, but you cannot use the 'Shearing Cheat' In harvest Moon CD cute.

On Harvest Moon DS can you be a girl?

no, but you can be a girl farmer in harvest moon ds cute. the two games have different stories and harvest moon ds was the inspiration for harvest moon ds cute as more girls were found to be playing the game than boys at the time of the beginning of the launch of harvest moon ds cute.

How do you use the boat in harvest moon ds cute?

Until you Purchase the Millionaire Island, You cannot use the boat in Harvest Moon D.S. And Harvest Moon D.S. Cute.

Harvest moon DS cute where is forget-me-not-valley?

In harvest Moon DS Cute you LIVE in Forget-me-not valley!

Harvest moon whIcH is the best?

I don't get it....the best Harvest Moon game? The best Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon DS/Harvest Moon DS Cute ...if that's what your asking...

How does your character get toys for a child in harvest moon ds cute?

You can not give your child Toys on Harvest Moon For D.S. or D.S. Cute, But you can in Harvest Moon AWL and ANWL (I think ANWL)

Harvest moon how do you get on a horse?

which harvest moon, hm ioh/hm/hm cute?

How do you make potato chips in harvest moon ds cute?

You cannot make Potato Chips in Harvest Moon D.S. Cute

Is there item codes for Harvest Moon DS?

No, there are not any codes for both Harvest Moon DS orHarvest Moon DS Cute.

Can you be a girl on harvest moon ds?

You cant be a girl in harvest moon ds but if your game is harvest moon ds CUTE, your a girl

How do you rescue the harvest goddess in harvest moon cute?

Harvest Moon Cute is basically the same as Harvest Moon DS, only you play as female instead of a male. So, to rescue the Harvest Goddess, rescue 60 harvest sprites.Rescue 60 Harvest Sprites.

Who is the Harvest King in Harvest Moon DS?

The Harvest King is not mentioned in Harvest Moon DS. He is no one in that game. He is mentioned in Harvest Moon DS Cute though.