What is the organizational structure of an advertising agency?

An advertising agency has a very different structure from that of a regular organization. On a general front, an advertising agency contains five departments namely the account management department, the account planning (strategy) department, the internal services department (inclusive of the traffic department, the creative department, the print production department, the human resources department and the finance department) and the media-planning department.

The account management department is the department that is in direct contact with the clients. As for the account planning department, it is also called the strategy department that is mostly involved in research and strategizing the advertising campaign. The creative department is responsible for the art (copy-writing and photography) aspect of the advertising campaign. Next comes the media planning department that plans and co-ordinates with media agencies to determine the most effective way to channelize the advertising in order to achieve optimum results. Last but not the least the internal services department handles the internal affairs of the advertising agency like the finances and the human resource department