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What is the origin irons in the fire?

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Blacksmith keeping irons in a fire to heat them until they were malleable. Keeping multiple irons in the fire was difficult because then the blacksmith would have to monitor the condition of all of the irons.

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An alternative explanation for the origin of 'irons in the fire' relates to the battlefield surgeon, from at least medieval times, who kept a fire going with a number of different cauterising irons in it at all times. The irons were used to cauterise wounds and stop people bleeding to death. A surgeon with many irons in the fire was prepared to treat any size or shape of wound.

Currently, I have several irons in the fire.

"Irons in the fire" refers to the Old West practice of branding -- you kept the branding irons hot by sticking one end into the fire. If you have too many irons in the fire, you've got too many things going on at once.

Ferrum, which is latin.

The original irons were hung on hooks above the fire in the fireplace. Such irons date back to the Middle Ages, before then other method were used to do the same thing. BTW, this is where the phrase about "having many irons in the fire" comes from.

Having other ( or many ) irons in the fire means having alternative plans of action. Usually said when one plan is threatened with failure or frustration.

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Traditionally, irons were made of iron. They were heated by a fire and then applied to clothes. Today, irons are usually made of other metals.

Traditionally, irons were made of iron. They were heated by a fire and then applied to clothes. Today, irons are usually made of other metals.

it means to be engaged in too many acticities.

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