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December 19, 1997
bang for the buck
Don K. Ferguson writes: When I hear the phrase "more bang for your buck," I cringe because I always thought it had overtones of vulgarity. Was this a respectable phrase that years ago some tarnished by using it in a vulgar sense, or is it, though slang, completely respectable? I heard it used from the pulpit, of all places! The phrase bang for the (or one's) buck may be cringeworthy, but not because of any vulgar origins, but rather because the idea of blowing up the world in an economical manner can bother some people. The phrase, which means 'value for one's money', was originally a political one. Its first use was quite literal: With bang referring to 'firepower' or 'weaponry', it really did mean 'bombs for one's money'. The alliteration of bang and buck helps to make the phrase memorable. The earliest confirmed mention of bang for the buck is found in 1968 in the first edition of William Safire's New Language of Politics. Mr. Safire claims that the phrase was coined in 1954 by Charles E. Wilson, the Secretary of Defense, in reference to the "massive retaliation" policy of John Foster Dulles. While bang has been used in sexual senses since the seventeenth century, it is unrelated to our phrase. However, since people are always eager to give things sexual connotations whether or not they are called for, some prudence would be a good idea.
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When did the Big Bang theory originate?

Big Bang is a cosmological model of the initial conditions and subsequent development of the universe. It is supported by the most comprehensive and accurate explanations from current scientific evidence and observation. As used by cosmologists, the term Big Bang generally refers to the idea that th ( Full Answer )

What did the term buck originally refer to?

Earliest forms were for a male goat and then later a male deer. The shift to the usage with money comes from buckskins, which were used in trade.

How did the Big Bang theory originate?

Georges Lemaître, a physicist and Belgian Catholic priest, set down one of the first modern propositions of the Big Bang theory for the origin of the universe. It was in 1927 that he published his " hypothesis of the primeval atom ", which was based on Einstein's work. Edwin Hubble came along i ( Full Answer )

Where does the expression more bang for your buck come from?

The "more bang for your buck " came from the introduction of cheaper explosives and more powerful ones. When Dynamite was introduced it was a powerful yet somewhat inexpensive compared to gunpowder it was far more damaging.

The Big Bang Hypothesis explains the possible origin of the what?

The Big Bang hypothesis is one of the theories that try to explainthe origin of the creation of the universe. It's the current mostaccepted theory by scientists and astronomers. It asserts theuniverse and all the planets and systems it contains were formedafter an immense explosion of matter and ene ( Full Answer )

How does the big bang theory explain the origin of the universe?

I guess really, it doesn't! The big bang theory in itself is filled with flaws and obscene estimations. I really can't think of any scientific explanations out at the moment that truly explain it... Sure, the big bang theory tells us that a singularity- a huge amount of pressure building up in a i ( Full Answer )

Who wrote originally the book chitty chitty bang bang book?

Ian Fleming, better known for James Bond. The same producer, Albert R. (Cubby) Broccoli, produced the film version. It isnot inconceivable title derives from a transliteration of the (retreat Flag Call) Chitty chitty bang band doot dad dadoot de do, repeated three times. oddly the Retreat flag call ( Full Answer )

Where does the phrase buck she originate?

\n\nI understood the term to be rhyming slang for 'For Free', origin un-known.\n\nI understood the term to be rhyming slang for 'For Free', origin un-known.\n\nSee related link for answer.\n

What is the origin of buck up buttercup?

The origin of buck up buttercup is from the United States. This ledto some terms like buck up which can be used interchangeably withset up.

What does the big bang theory say about the origins of the world?

Something about a false vacuum allowing energy to be transferred in as long as it is returned. Its really confusing to non-astrophysicists, but I'll try to explain it. So since this energy is borrowed from the "false vacuum", it can take any form at all, completely random. But the probability is MUC ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the term 'buck naked'?

A buck was the term used by Europeans for the North American Indian male, who would have often been seen naked or almost naked ( in the distance ). I agree a Young Indian Male a "Buck" was usually naked up to around age 14. Thus the term "BUCK NAKED"

What is the origin of the phrase buck teeth?

First use in English; 1550, from buck(ed), perhaps on the notion of "kicking up." In French, buck teeth are called dents à l'anglaise , literally, "English teeth."

Is the big bang theory origin of life?

The big bang theory deals with the formation and evolution of the Universe, it has nothing to do with the origin of life on Earth.

What does the original flash of the big bang appear as?

There is a very faint background radiation which appears to be coming equally from all directions in space. So-called "black-body" radiation is measured in the frequency of the energy, and is calibrated in the temperature of the "black body" that would radiate at that frequency. The temperature o ( Full Answer )

The term buck originally refer to?

Old English buc was used for the male deer, and bucca for the he-goat. Originally two words, they became conflated sometime in the 11th century, eventually referring more generally to the male of a number of species.

Where in space did the Big Bang originate?

There is no point that we can locate in space where the Big Bang began. This is not a perfect way to envision it, but it may help: Imagine the universe as it is, but it is reduced in size to fit into a grape. Now imagine the grape-sized universe expand. At what point did the expansion begin? It ( Full Answer )

How do you bang chicks in dragon age origins?

raise up their approval of you and after a while they will sort of hint it. such as morrigin says im awfully cold in my tent then you say the right things and then TA-DA sexual cutscene

Chitty chitty bang bang originaL cast?

The cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Dick Van Dyke - Father Adrian Hall and Heather Ripley - His 2 children Jeremy and Jemima Lionel Jeffries - Grandfather Sally Ann Howes - Daughter of a candy factory owner James Robertson Justice - Candy factory owner Gert Frobe and A ( Full Answer )

According to the big bang theory what did the universe originate as?

The Big Bang Theory can so far only describe what our Universe was like after it began to expand -- it can NOT (so far) tell us what happened right at the start of that expansion, or what happened "before" (if that term has meaning). Prior to about 10^-40 seconds after the start of expansion, our u ( Full Answer )

What origin is the big bang theory?

Model of the origin of the universe, which holds that it emerged from a state of extremely high temperature and density in an explosive expansion 10 billion-15 billion years ago. Its two basic assumptions-that Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity correctly describes the gravitational in ( Full Answer )

Where did the big bang theory originate?

In 1925, Alexander Friedmann took the mathematics of general relativity, and showed that our Universe could either be expanding or contracting. In 1927, Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre proposed the idea that our Universe was expanding, and that we should thus see red-shifts in distant galaxies. Ver ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the slang term let's bang?

lets bang commonly refers to the act of shooting off explosives, guns, fireworks, cannons, harpoons, bows and arrows, grenades, longswords, etc. while standing on one foot near the edge of a cliff while wearing clown makeup and eating a Vlasic cuz its got that crunch yo. ask a real question next tim ( Full Answer )

Where did the dense singularity originate that existed before the Big Bang?

In a universe model, the term ' where ' in context of a singularity has no meaning. Our understanding of spacial geometry, which we use to estimate where we are, depends upon our positional relationship to our known universe. But if the universe is infinitessimally small, then there is no measurem ( Full Answer )

Where did the surname of Bangs originate?

The mighty Anglo-Saxon tribes who anciently ruled all of Britianbestowed the proud and noble English surname of Bangs upon a familythat lived near a slope, or a hillside. It derives from the OldEnglish word "banke". The surname is first found in the very earlyrecords of Yorkshire, where they held a ( Full Answer )

How big bang originated and how can it be said that it was because of big bang the universe was formed?

How the Big Bang took place is a question that is still unanswered. According to theory, the universe was formed from the Big Bang. If you meant to ask how scientists came to this conclusion, I will answer. When astronomer Edwin Hubble observed the stars, he noticed that almost all stars are moving ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the term buck wild?

During the "Rut" male deer or Bucks display very unusual behavior. This behavior can range from a rolling up of the front lip as a warning, urinating on the front legs as a display of marking, attacks on other bucks, people, cars, etc. It is reported that one buck went through a restaurant window. H ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the Big Bang?

If you mean, "What happened before the expansion of our Universe began?", the answer is simple: we don't know. In that sense we are like Johannes Kepler: he knew that planets went around our Sun in ellipses, he just didn't understand WHY. While interpreted measurements suggest that our observable Un ( Full Answer )

What hockey card set is the best bang for your buck?

id have to say the upper deck 2005/06 rookie class set. this set includes all star rookies of the year 2005/06 and u can buy the set at wal mart for 10-15 dollars. the set now (2011) is already worth 20 dollars. in about 25-30 years the set will be worth a whole bunch of money!!

What wireless mic provides the best bang for the buck?

I recommend a wireless microphone headset, as it will always stay in the appropriate distance away from your mouth as you speak. If you get a wireless mic that you attach to your computer or set on the desk, and you move around a lot, you might not have good quality.

What is the Big Bang Model of the origin of the universe?

The Big Bang Model expresses/visualizes the abstraction of the Inflationary model for the Universe to provide for an environment in which we can understand its dimensional boundaries. The Big Bang is more a reference to an unfolding evolutionary model of existence in which SpaceTime allows for the ( Full Answer )

Where did the big bang originate in reference to earth?

In short: everywhere. The theory says that the universe did not start from one specific spot, but that the universe expanded from an infinitely small point. There was no vantage point that you could go back and "watch" the big bang happen from, that would imply the universe expanded into another un ( Full Answer )

How does big bang theory originate earth?

One of the most persistently asked questions has been: How was the universe created? Many once believed that the universe had no beginning or end and was truly infinite. Through the inception of the Big Bang theory, however,no longer could the universe be considered infinite. The universe was forced ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Bang for Your Buck - 2009?

The cast of Bang for Your Buck - 2009 includes: Carriann Arkowski as Herself - Host Darra Bishop David Bromstad as himself David Bromstad as Himself - Host Jinnie Choi as Herself - Host Nikki Chu as Herself - Host Kristan Cunningham as herself Jamie Durie as Himself - Host Sandra Espinet as Herself ( Full Answer )