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In the 1980's when ADHD pills werer first being designed, the term for them was "chill pill" becaus e of its needed use for overactive children and young adults. over time the term became an idiom used to refer to telling people to calm down.

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Q: What is the origin of the idiom- take a chill pill?
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What is the origin of the idiom take a chill pill?


What is an idiom that means calm down?

take a chill pill don't get your knickers in a knot hold your pants cool your jets chill out

Make a sentence with the word Chill?

Take a chill pill

How did you handle a stressful work?

Take a chill pill

What is the origin for take a chill pill?

Methaqualone, aka, ludes.Cheap popular sedative in the 1960's.ANSWER"Take a chill pill" must be too recent to be the origin. The Oxford English Dictionary gives "An objectionable person; a bore" as a slang sense of "pill," with the earliest example dated 1897. In a similar sense, "pill" means anything that people don't like to "swallow" or endure. These meanings come from the reluctance with which people swallow medicinal pills.

What do you call a person with bad temper?

You can tell them to take a chill pill then leave.

Are there side effects to chill pills?

You are exhibiting one of the symptoms of the Chill Pill. The side effect is Stupidity. So you will not receive any more side effects. Take at least 8 oz. of water with the Chill Pill.

Where do you go for a chill pill?

Inside your mind. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and take some space from any conflict or potential conflict with others. These equate, metaphorically, to what is known as "taking a chill pill".

What to do when you're husband has been texting another woman?

take a chill pill. its a text.

Is eoin weird?

yes eoin is very weird ! not , im joking , jeez , take a chill pill

What is another way to say take a break?

put your feet up wind down take a chill pill mellow out take five hang loose

You have been taking birth control for a month and two weeks yet you still have spotting is this normal?

take a chill pill. :-)

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