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Barack Obama's first name is the anglicized version of Baraka, which means 'blessing' in Kiswahili (aka Swahili), a language spoken by Senator Obama's Kenyan father.

The word "Barack" is shared among several languages. First, it is a word in the (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semitic_languages) Semitic family of languages. As such it mistakenly has been thought to have the root in Hebrew written as baruch, but since the word Barak in Hebrew exists independently, pronounced as Barak with no twisting of sounds, it is the true word from which any meaning should be taken. A version in Aramaic (berek), a version in Arabic (baraka). (See Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary, entries 1288-1294.) It also occurs as a loan word in non-Semitic languages that have been influenced by these Semitic languages, such as Kiswahili (the most widely spoken African language). As often happens, cognate words are similar in pronunciation. What appears in a later-appearing language may sound like something else in the earlier language. And in English we sometimes see words that are pronounced the same and even spelled the same, but that have very different meanings.

Baraka means 'blessing' in Kiswahili and comes from the Arabic spoken by the Omani Arabs that lived and traded along the coast of East Africa. Though it came to Kiswahili from Arabic it no longer has any sectarian connotations and is in common use amongst East Africans of all faiths. It is a common name for boys in Kenya and Tanzania.

Barack or Barak means 'lightning' in Hebrew. The name Barak is also mentioned in the Bible in the book of Judges. Barak was part of the story of the prophetess Deborah.

Baruch (or Baruwk, Baruk, Strong, 1263) and its cognates berek and baraka all mean the same. Strong, 1288, says "barak, baw-rak', a primitive root; to kneel; by implication to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a benefit)." (See http://www.virtualchristiancenter.com/biblestudytools/kjvstrongs/STRHEB12.htm)

Regardless of how one spells the name, it gives two possible and not contradictory meanings, and one true meaning. One is "a blessing from God," and another is "a blessing from God that the individual may pass on to others as a benefit to them." and the true meaning that cannot be translated any other way is the name Barak which means Lightning.

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What is Barack Obama's first name?

Barack Obamas first name is Barack but his nickname is Barry.Barack

What does the name Barack as in President Barack Obama come from?

Barack means 'blessing'. Barack is a common name in Kenya and Tanzania.

What is the birth name of Barack Obama?

Barack Obama's birth name is Barack Hussein Obama II.

What are Barack Obama perents name?

Barack Omama and Barack Odada

What was the name of Barack Obama's audiotape?

what was the name of barack obama's audiotape

What is the name of Barack Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama is his full name.

Is Barack Obama's real name Barry?

No, his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

What is Barack Obama's Skype Name?

Barack Obama's Skype Name is: ThePresidentObama

Why did Barack Obama's father name him Barack?

The President, Barack Obama, II, was named after his father, Barack Obama, Sr. Barack is a traditional family name and common in the area where his father was born.

What is the full name of Obama?

The full name of President Barack Obama is Barack Hussein Obama II.Barack Hussein Obama IIbarack obama's full name is Barack Hussein ObamaOriginally born in Africa made for America

Who did Barack Obama get his name from?

He was named after his father, Barack Obama, Sr. The name is a family name from Kenya.

What was the name Barack Obama registered with at Columbia?

He registered under his name Barack Obama since that is his name.

Is Hussein Barack Obama's given name?

Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein.

What is Barack Obama's faters name?

Lachesis.But his father's name is Barack Obama, Sr.

Is Barack Obama's last name Hussein?

No, his last name is Obama. His first name is Barack, and his middle name is Hussein.

What is Barack Obama'a father's name?

Barack Obama's father was also named Barack Obama.

Is President Barack Obama's name Bruce Barack Obama?

No. This is another internet myth. Barack is his first name, Hussein is his middle name. Obama is his last name. He was named after his biological father.

What does the name Barack mean in English?

The Swahili version of the name Barack is Baraka, it means Blessing.

How old is Barack Obama and what is his full name?

Barack Obama was born in August 1961, so in August 2012, he will be 51. His legal name is Barack Hussein Obama II (he got his name from his father, Barack Hussein Obama Senior).

Barack Obama's father's name?

Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

What was barack obamas birth name?

Barack Hussein Obama II

How do you spell Barack ohbamas name?

The correct spelling is Barack Obama.

Does Barack Obama's full name include Saddam?

No. His full name is Barack Hussein Obama, II.

What is Barack ombamas full name?

His name is Barack Hussein Obama. He was a Jr. until his father died.

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