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a Massachusetts saying- Marblehead, MA is a seaside town north of Boston--- the phrase is used to describe understanding ('light dawns') of something by a person who is being a bit dense or stubborn ('Marblehead')

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Q: What is the origin of the phrase light dawns over marble head?
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A marble light is a light fixture made of marble.

What is the origin of the phrase Saint Elmo's Fire?

The origin of the phrase, Saint Elmo's Fire, is related to weather. It was coined by sailors who witnessed balls of light during thunderstorms and was thought to be bad luck.

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What does the phrase The light dawns over marble head mean?

It's a phrase commonly said in Massachusetts. It essentially means "Ohhhh, now I get it..." or "Duh!" as when you didn't "get" a concept, and somebody explains it better such that you now understand it, and it was never that difficult in the first place, or maybe the original explanation was confusing. Marblehead is the eastern-most town in Mass, and is truly the first place you'd see the sunrise. (Great answer, except for one thing. I think the residents of many North Shore, South Shore, and Cape Cod towns, might disagree with you that Marblehead is the eastern most town in Massachusetts) The expression is a play on words, i.e. when a light bulb comes on over your 'marble' head.

Can you see light through a marble tile?

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The common phrase 'I see the light' is of biblical origin. Prophets and others receiving messages from God would often see a bright light surrounding the angel or other messenger.

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The amount of light reflected by a material is called its reflectance index. Marble has a higher incidence of reflection, especially when it is polished.

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Marble reflects light better that wood because it is white (milky) and has glimmering appearance. Whereas wood has a dull surface..

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Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Star Spangled Banner The US National Anthem.

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Marble is not transparent (can't see an image through it). Thinly cut marble is translucent (can see light through it).

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The light is flashing.

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The phrase 'give off light' means to have a lot of light.

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Perhaps coincidentally, the phrase "light speed" refers to a speed.It is a speed.

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Luster : GlassyColor : whitish, light orangeyHardness : 2-5further. Marble is limestone that has been through a metamorphic process. High pressure and modest heat. Large blocks of marble have a pleasant chime when struck.[Travertine is sometimes known as a marble, but is really a different rock.]

Is sun a source of heat and light?

Yes, the sun is the origin of heat and light in our biosphere.

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