What is the origin of the phrase recharge my battery?

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I imagine it started with rechargeable batteries and someone just personified the concept to include people needing energy.
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Does a battery have a recharge memory?

The NiCad or nickel cadmiun battery develops a "memory" of its duty cycle (called - surprise! - "memory effect") if it is used in a "pattern" for a while. If, say, a 2-way radio is used only a few minutes a day over a number of days and then put back on a charger after each use, it will "remember" t ( Full Answer )

What element is used in rechargeable batteries?

The two common rechargeable battery types are lithium and NiCad.One is called a lithium ion battery. The other is commonly called aNiCad battery, containing both nickel and cadmium.

What is a rechargeable battery?

A battery that can be refilled with the energy it has. If it is in a phone, when you charge your phone, you are recharging the battery in your phone.

How do you restore a rechargeable battery?

How to restore your rechargeable batteries . Note: Keep in mind that heat is not your friend. Lukewarm is OK, but if the batteries get any hotter, STOP what you are doing! I claim *no* responsibility. This information is for you to enhance your own knowledge. It is in no way a tutorial on how to ( Full Answer )

What happens when rechargeable batteries get recharged?

They get recharged for another use! The electricity from the charge causes certain chemical reactions to take place which are in reverse of what happened as the battery drained. Then the process can happen all over again.

How are rechargeable batteries recharged?

Batteries are charged with a higher potential than at which they operate. This higher charging voltage comes from a battery charger.

How do you recharge batteries?

One of the best ways to recharge batteries is to do so only until the battery is fully charged. Most battery chargers will have indicator lights that let you know the batteries are ready. Remove the batteries from the charger instead of leaving them on for an extended period of time after charging i ( Full Answer )

Can you recharge a non-rechargeable battery?

Yes. Most ordinary "nonchargeable" batteries can very well be recharged a few times. Most alkaline and lithium batteries can be recharged from 3 to 10 times. Some lithium batteries even more. I have actually not experimented with other "nonchargeable" batteries. Problems: The problem wi ( Full Answer )

Is an AAA battery an rechargeable battery?

There are rechargeable AA batteries that are sold. One should NOT attempt to charge regular AA batteries. This can result in the batteries leaking or exploding. Charging regular batteries can result in injury or fatality in a number of ways including fire. If they do not say rechargeable then the ( Full Answer )

Can rechargeable batteries be recycled?

Yes but you'll have to find the recycling center in your area. It could be the company that handles solid waste for your community. If they don't they may know who does.

How do you use rechargeable batteries?

You recharge them. this requires a charger. some cameras and other digital equipment have the chargers and batteries built in.

Dry cell rechargeable battery?

A dry cell has the electrolyte immobilized as a paste, with only enough moisture in the paste to allow current to flow. As opposed to a wet cell, the battery can be operated in any random position, and will not spill its electrolyte if inverted. While a dry cell's electrolyte is not truly complete ( Full Answer )

Can you recharge non-rechargable batteries?

Depends a bit on who you ask. Some - manufacturers of special chargers - will say that you can,at least a few times, if you use their chargers. OTOH, according to the manufacturers of "real" rechargeablebatteries, theirs are the only ones that can be recharged. People who have tried the special char ( Full Answer )

How do you charge the rechargeable batteries?

It depends what batteries they are. Answer: though the answer is it depends on the type of rechargeable battery, some battery can be recharged by applying electricity in the reverse direction of the regular uncharging. Other may be recharged by physically removing and refilling the chemicals. N ( Full Answer )

How do you recharge batteries without a battery charger?

With some difficulty. It's possible to charge a battery from any DC source with a voltagesuitable higher than the battery voltage and a sufficient currentcapacity. But without any automatic cutoff you need to monitor thecharging through a voltmeter and be ready to stop the charging whenthe battery i ( Full Answer )

Are batteries rechargeable?

They are in general, but this depends on the kind of battery. Household single-cell batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) vary case by case while other batteries designed specifically for electronic devices (laptop batteries, ipod batteries, etc.) are always rechargeable. Single-cell batteries such as AA ( Full Answer )

How do rechargeable batteries help the environment?

Rechargeable batteries help the environment because instead of throwing away old batteries and filling up landfills and contaminating the ground with battery acid, you can use them again.

Is a rechargeable battery environmental friendly?

Rechargeable batteries are considered environmentally friendly because although they still contain metals and chemicals that are toxic, they are good for the environment compared to non-rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries often last hundreds of times longer, meaning that less waste is pro ( Full Answer )

How can you re recharge a watch battery?

Since there is claimed dangers in re-charging take your own risk to save a couple of dollars. Watch batteries are typically 1.5 v. Take an alkaline 1.5 v AA battery and use a copper wire. Bent it in such a way as to hold the watch battery and the AA battery pinched together. The copper wire shoul ( Full Answer )

Are AAA rechargable batteries expensive?

No, a pack of AA rechargeable batteries are not expensive. A pack of four generally runs between 7 and 12 dollars and are manufactured by Energizer or Duracell.

What brand of batteries offer rechargeable batteries?

Duracell offers good quality and easy to use rechargeable batteries. There are generic brands of rechargeable batteries out there but they are often unreliable and wear out very quickly.

How much do rechargable batteries cost?

Rechargeable batteries can range anywhere from $9 to $30 depending on the voltage and quantity of batteries. I find Duracell makes the most cost effective purchase for rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can last you about 2-3 years.

How would you recharge rechargeable batteries?

The rechargable batteries are easily available across the internet and on the high street. Once you have purchased them you will need to insert the batteries into the recharger and insert it into the power supply and allow to charge with the power on for the desired time for the for which ever batte ( Full Answer )

What companies make rechargable batteries?

If yo uare tired of paying the high prices for batteries you may be wondering which companies sell rechargeable batteries. Rayovac, Duracell, and Energizer all sell rechargeable batteries.

What type of batteries are rechargable?

Rechargeable batteries are special because they are specially made to do so. Batteries that are capable of recharging will be stated on the label (eg. duracell rechargeable) and are usually more expensive.

Does the 3DS have a rechargeable battery?

Yes. The 3DS has a rechargeable battery that will last between 3-8 hours depending on what games are being played, wireless communication and brightness settings. The system can either be charged via a DSi/DSi XL/3DS charging cable or with the included cradle.

Where does the energy in rechargeable batteries come from?

It comes from the coal, oil, or natural gas that are burned, or the uranium that's reacted, or the other batteries that are used, or the falling water that flows through the hydroelectric generator, or the kinetic energy in the wind that turns the windmill generator, or the solar radiation collected ( Full Answer )

How do non rechargeable batteries works?

The same way rechargeable batteries workS. Anode, cathode, electrolyte, difference in charges, flow of electrons. The only difference is when you are done with non rechargable batteries, you throw them away.

What is the chemistry of recharging the lead battery?

Dr M Kanagasabapathy Asst. Professor in Chemistry Rajus college, Affiliated to M K University Rajapalayam (TN) India ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lead acid battery contains the following 1. Lead PB 2. Lead o ( Full Answer )

How is electricity made by rechargeable batteries?

a battery is a device used to convert chemical energy into electric energy and has not an indefinite timespan, when whole of chemical energy is converted into electric energy which is used in one way or the other, then their is no more interchangable chemical energy left. So we have to recharge the ( Full Answer )

Why is nickel cadmium battery rechargeable?

Charging Ni-Cd batteries can be charged at several different rates, depending on how the cell was manufactured. The charge rate is measured based on the percentage of the amp-hour capacity the battery is fed as a steady current over the duration of the charge. Regardless of the charge speed, more e ( Full Answer )

What is the function of rechargeable battery?

The function of rechargeable is that it can be used on numerous occasions at very little cost compared to using non rechargeable,which has a limited life span and not cost effective.

How can a battery from a riding mower be recharged?

they can be recharged by hooking jumper cables from a car to the mower or if the battery is fried you would have to buy a new battery for it Use a battery charger just like the one you use on an auto battery.

Who sells rechargeable AAA batteries?

Pretty much all electronic stores sell rechargeable AAA batteries. Department stores like Walmart and Best Buy stock Energizer and Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries as well.

What is the cost for Duracell rechargeable batteries?

Duracell rechargeable batteries costs on average $16.00-$18.00 for a 4pk AA, 4PK AAA, 2PK C, or a 2PK D. If you purchase Duracell rechargeable batteries in a larger quantity, you are sure to find them for as little as $24.00-$28.00 for an 8pk AA, 8PK AAA, 4PK C or a 4PK D.

Where can you buy rechargeable AA batteries?

One may buy rechargeable AA batteries at any general mass retailer or home improvement store. Also, electronics stores such as Future shop will always have these in stock.

Where can I purchase rechargeable C batteries?

Rechargeable C batteries are available at any retailer, including Walmart and Walgreens. Consumers should stick with lithium batteries instead of Ni-Cad versions.

Can a nonchargeable battery be recharged?

Kinda-sorta. With the right kind of charger, regular batteries can be recharged to some degree. They won't hold as much charge and may overheat. And they'll hold less and less for each charge. Not many people find it worthwhile to do.