What is the origin of the question Why did the chicken cross the road?

In ancient times, when farmers were first domesticating animals, they chose large areas of grasslands that they closed in with tall wooden fences, so the wild chickens couldn't fly over the top and would stay a reasonably short distance from the farmer's house. The farmer would put grain and worms in these areas to attract the chickens, while, over time, he would gradually decrease the size and height of the fenced in area. Finally, after the chickens were used to being fenced in, they never tried to escape because there was always food for them within the fenced in area. One day, the farmer was late bringing the chickens their food, so one of the smarter chickens found out that he could actually fly over the shorter fence, so he did, to look for food on the neighboring farmer's land. When the farmer finally did come with the food, he noticed that one of his chickens had gone, so he went to his neighbor's gate to yell at his neighbor: "Why did my chicken cross the road over to your place?" and his neighbor yelled back: "To get to the other side where I keep food out for my chickens!". Well, the farmers' wife thought this was a silly argument, and when she told her friends about it, she shortened it to the familiar version we hear way too often: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "To get to the other side!"***(ACTUALLY, I MADE THIS STORY UP, BUT IT SOUNDED AUTHENTIC, DIDN'T IT!!!) ;-} Admit it; you believed it!!!