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Q: What is the original size of mona Lisa painting?
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Why is the painting of Mona Lisa so good?

Original Answer: People think the Mona Lisa is such a great painting because in the painting the woman's eyes are very mysterious. Where ever you stand they seem to follow you. People are facsinated by this which is why it is so good. Rebuttal: There is nothing good about the Mona Lisa to make her stand out from all the other portraits that were created during the High Renaissance. The woman in the Mona Lisa portrait is a noblewoman, and her "mysterious smile" is nothing more than the way all noblewoman were portrayed. There was a decorous way the women had to present themselves and the half-smile is a smirk down to the lower classes, in essence saying that she is better than all the people below her in rank. Also, the painting has been cut down over the years. One owner decided that the frame he already owned upon obtaining the painting was more important than the painting itself. The painting used to be twice the size that it is today and there were once columns on either side of the painting. If people think that this painting is such a mysterious painting, then they are only uneducated and buy into the hype around the painting. To say that you have seen the Mona Lisa is to make it seem to other uneducated people that you have seen something remarkable and worth writing home about. Instead of waiting for the hundreds of people that seem to constantly surround the Mona Lisa on a daily basis, take a look at some of the other paintings that are in the same gallery and that are unfortunately neglected by people who would rather see a famous noblewoman smirking at them.

How large is the Mona Lisa?

It is 31x21 inches = 77x53 cm._____________The recent thorough examination of Mona Lisa in 2004, documented in the book 'Mona Lisa, Inside the Painting' (Abrams) has revealed many fascinating new bits of data never before known or revealed. The exact size of the painting on a poplar wood panel is 79.4 cm by 53.4 cm by 1.4 cm thick in inches that is 31.25" x 21.02 x 0.55 thick.

How much is an original Marc chagall painting worth?

original painting size 120 x 180 = € 24000 in 2011

What is the original size of the lovers painting by Picasso?

20 by 24 inches.

What is the original size of the still life painting with the basket of apples?

50x61 cm.

What is the price of an original painting by Dick West?

$500 to $5000 depending the size subject and condition

What is a orgional Goodfellow painting worth?

An original oil painting's worth is gauged mainly by size and complexity. The general prices start at $1,000. Judy Goodfellow

How much is an original signed maurice utrillo v painting worth?

I have two original signed paintings by: Maurice Utrillo, V in oil painting. The size is approximately 9 3/4 x 7 3/4

What is the answer to this math question.. A painting is 77 by 53 centimeters. A photograph of the painting is 11 by 8 centimeters. By what percentage of the original was the painting reduced in size?

It was reduced by approx 15%. The length and width were not reduced by the same percentage.

How much does the painting of 'Mona Lisa' cost?

It varies, of course: subject, size, etc Two years ago one of his many water lilies paintings was sold for 80 million dollars.

What is the original size of the painting 'Oak Leaves Pink and Gray' by Georgia O'Keeffe?

33 1/8" x 18"

What size is the painting 'Carte Blanche' by Rene Magritte?

The original in tha Washington National Gallery of Art is 81x64 cm.