What is the overall effect of light pollution?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the overall effect of light pollution?
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How could light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy?

Light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy by making it more difficult to view the stars. If you notice, when you get out of the cities where there is less air and light pollution, you are better able to view the stars.

How can Light pollution effect us?

Light pollution promotes stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, and mental problems. Recent studies have shown that light pollution promotes erectile disfunction.

What effect does a convex lens have on light?

It refracts light twice, such that the overall effect is that the light is converged. A ray diagram will help understand this.

What effect air pollution?

littering can effect the air pollution and not cleaning the water can effect the pollution (air) i hope i answered it not much can effect it

Is pollution considered an effect of earthquakes?

No. Earthquakes sometimes cause pollution, but pollution is not an effect of an earthquake.

What is the effect of pollution?

the pollution effect the land,water,air and nois

What types of pollution?

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

How does pollution and humans affect tides?

human and pollutions do not effect the tides, the tides effect pollution okay

What is one effect of pollution on human life?

One effect of pollution on human life is to cause cancer.

How do geothermal systems reduce overall pollution?


What does gasoline effect?


What is the current effect?