What is the pH of bleach?

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Household bleach is about 6% sodium hypochlorite and has a pH around 12 to 12.6 (Highly basic, or alkaline).
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What is the pH?

It's a measurement of how acidic or alkaline something is :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The pH is defined as the decimal logarithm with changed sign of theion H+ activity in a solution. Acidity is a pH under 7.0 and basicity is a pH over 7.0. ( Full Answer )

What is pH?

PH is short for the power of Hydrogen . It's the measure of acidity or alkalinity in a solution. In pure water at 77°F, The hydrogen ions are equal to the concentration of hydroxide ions. This is the "neutral" marking and means the pH level is 7.0. In solutions where the hydrogen ions exceed ( Full Answer )

How do you bleach hair with household bleach?

DON'T do it. Household bleach is meant to clean and disinfect things, not change the color of your hair. Household bleach is extremely caustic and will damage and burn your hair off. If you want your hair bleached you need to see a professional and have them do it for you. Stripping the color out of ( Full Answer )

Why is the anime Bleach called Bleach?

Tite Kubo, the creator of bleach, gave three reasons to calling it that. One, as the soul reapers cleanse souls, it's like they are "bleaching" their souls. Like how bleaching in a clothes sense means to remove stains and blemishes, the shinigami remove sin and corruption from the souls. Two, he ( Full Answer )

How do you bleach clothes?

To bleach your clothes, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach to thedesignated spot on the machine. There is often a reservoir that thebleach is poured in.

How does bleach bleach?

Bleach is a fairly common word which is used to describe a range of different things. Some forms of bleach and the household bleach that you put down the loo and stuff has usually got a lot of chlorine in it. In fact, the active chemical is a substance called sodium hypochlorite. It's the same stuff ( Full Answer )

What does bleach do to wood?

Bleach lightens wood. People sometimes bleach a piece of wood inorder to change the color to something lighter. It is alsosometimes done to get rid of the darkness that sometimes comes asthe wood ages.

What does bleach do for laundry?

Bleach whitens or removes colors by breaking down the bonds of the molecules that absorb visible light. To some extent it also disinfects and sterilizes. It is highly toxic and should only be used in a diluted and measured amount for white items that you are washing.

Can you use bleach to increase pH?

You shouldn't be using "household bleach" at all. Use 12.5% chlorine found only in pool stores. The chlorine found in discount stores is probably around 10 % if that. If that chlorine was left on the loading dock for an hour it most likely has lost strength to maybe 8%. Once the chlorine has been mo ( Full Answer )

How do you get bleach out of your hair after you bleached it?

Bleach is the process of whitening hair through oxidation. Bleaching your hair is permanent and is not a color you can wash out. You can wait until it grows out, or dye it another color. Take caution if dying your hair after bleaching as you hair may be damaged already from the bleaching process ( Full Answer )

What has a pH?

Many substances have a place in the pH scale. a pH is measured from 0 (The most acidic) to 14 (The most basic). Water, for example, has a pH of 7 (Neutral). Hydrocloric acid has a pH of 0 and drain cleaners have a pH of 14. Both are very corrosive and should never be in contact of your skin.

What is in pH?

PH is a scale for measuring acidity in soil. Below 7 is acid above 7 is limey.

How do you get the pH?

The pH of something is negative logarithm of the concentration of the hydrogen ions. Basically... log 10 1/10,000,000 = -log 10 10,000,000 This means 10 to the power of what is 10000000. 10 7 = 10,000,000. So the pH is 7. Kowalski

What is pH of bleach solution?

the bleaching solution is CLO2 its PH is in acidic stage and it react with the pH of 2-2.5

What is pH for?

pH stands for "power of hydrogen" and is used to express the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. . pH = pi-hydronium. water spontaneously decomposes into pi-hydronium (acidic) and hydroxyl (basic) ions. adding an acid or base shifts this decomposition balance. The more acid added the more pi-hyd ( Full Answer )

What is bleach and what does it do?

Bleach is a cleaning agent to destroy bacteria. You can also usebleach to bleach your hair and make it lighter.

Why was bleach named bleach?

no you're wrong i researched it some more and i looked at other sources (look on other questions on wiki answers) and even a website it says: The series was originally meant to be named "Black" due to the color of the Soul Reapers' clothes, but Kubo thought it was too generic. He later tried givin ( Full Answer )

What is bleach on the Ph scale?

Household bleach is about 12.6 on the pH scale making it quite a powerful alkaline (base). Bleach is Useful but Dangerous It can burn your skin, and especially the lungs and mucous membranes if the vapor is inhaled. It can also combine with other chemicals to release poisonous chlorine gas. Blea ( Full Answer )

What does PH do?

Nothing. It's a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Edit: It does do something but not physically, it acts as the measuring scale of how acidic a substance is. And it is actually properly written like this pH.

What is bleach about?

Bleach is about a high school student name Ichigo, who has the ability to see spirits. Through a series of evens, he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper: souls that battle Hollows- evil spirits- and help other souls pass on. To defend his sisters from a Hollow, Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper. He must also batt ( Full Answer )

What is pH what can it do?

The p stands for potential and the H stands for Hydrogen.Basically its the amount of acid in something. the pH scale is from 1-14 1 being highly acidic or full of hydrogen ions 1 means not acid no hydrogen.water is nutruel its pH is 7.0

What about pH?

PH is very important for pool care and cleaning. You need to make sure the pool stays neutral, not to acidic, not too basic. 7.0 is normal water. around 7 would be perfect for a swimming pool. If having a pool you need the right temperature, and make sure its pH temperature is 7.0. It can be 7.1 7.1 ( Full Answer )


pH- the potential of hydrogen. pH levels are very important, the pH scale is numbered from 1 to 14. 1 being a base, and 14 being extremely acidic. drinking water has a pH of 7, 7 is neutral... neutral is safe. hydrochloric acid has a pH level of fourteen. acids are harmful with a burning sensation w ( Full Answer )

What is the pH value of household bleach?

7-7.6 ???? I don't know where this answer came from, but straight out of the bottle household bleach has a ph of about 12.6! This comes from several references and my own measurement with a Hanna meter.

Why is the Bleach anime called Bleach?

Tite Kubo, the creator of bleach, gave three reasons to calling it that. One, as the soul reapers cleanse souls, it's like they are "bleaching" their souls. Like how bleaching in a clothes sense means to remove stains and blemishes, the shinigami remove sin and corruption from the souls. Two, he ( Full Answer )

Why is the pH of bleach 6?

It isn't. the pH of Bleach is ~12.6, making it a highly basic substance. (Basic is the opposite end of the spectrum from acidic, but extremes of either are both dangerous.)

What bleach do you use to bleach a mustache?

Since a mustache is basically hair treat it as if it is real hair. (: Sorry to fix you're answer but it there are actual mustache bleaching creams at many stores. You have to use the bleaching stuff that is meant for what you are using it for.

What acids in bleach?

There are no acids in bleach. Bleach has a very basic pH (as opposed to acidic). By contrast, ammonia is acidic. There is not an easy way to tell by sight or smell whether something is an acid or base. There are other ways of determining this, such as Litmus paper or phenolphthalein.

Can you bleach a Bakugan?

Ya, you can bleach a bakugan, but it really isn't a good idea. If you want it black, try getting a permanent marker!

What are the ingriedients of bleach?

It depends on what kind of bleach you're talking about, there are two different kinds- "chlorine bleach" and "oxygen bleach". The main ingredients in chlorine bleach are sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite are used to bleach clothes. They work by giving off oxygen instead of pure chlorine. ( Full Answer )

What is a visored in bleach?

Vizoreds are Soul Reapers that have gained Hollow powers; Arrancars are just the opposite being Hollows with Soul Reaper powers

What do you do if you swallow bleach?

I would call poison control or Emergency services such as 911 (000in Australia, 111 in New Zealand). Drink lots of milk and call the ambulance ASAP! DO NOT VOMIT - it will make the bleach reach your bloodstream faster.

Who is yutaka in bleach?

Oh...um... I cant remember anyone called Yutaka in the Bleach series, unless they were a minor filler character.. The closet i can think of to Yutaka, would be Ukitake (i used to mix up his name all the time) however if I'm mistaken then you have my apologies =] But yes, if it was Ukitake Ju ( Full Answer )

What is bleaching your hair?

It makes your hair lighter so if I have dark brown hair it will make it a more lighter brown

Who is nel from bleach?

Nel tu is a character Ichigo and friends meet in hueco mundo she used to be espada #3 but became a traitor to the arrancar

Who likes who in bleach?

Inoue Orihime LOVES Kurosaki Ichigo . Hinamori was in LOVE with Aizen but might not be now in the Fake Karakura Town Arc . Kyoraku has a CRUSH on Nanao . Soi Fon is OBSESSED/LOVES Yoruichi . there could be SOMETHING going on between Gin and Rangiku . Hisagi has a CRUSH on Rangiku . Hanakari Ji ( Full Answer )

What acid are in bleach?

Colored substances contain molecules with chromophores , areas of the molecule that have double bonds between carbon atoms or oxygen atoms. A good example is beta carotene, and that section goes into more detail on how molecules become colored. Bleaches attack these chromophores in one of two ways ( Full Answer )

Is bleach over?

Nope it is still currently running on Adult Swim a.k.a. Cartoon Network at 12:00/11:00c On Saturday Nights. :) keep wikiing!

What reacts with bleach?

tin foil. the bleach reacts to the foil because of what its made of :}:>)

What is you pH?

If you're asking what a person's pH is (blood), its about 7.4. Formost mammals, its 7.4. There are certain respiratory and metabolic disorders that canchange the pH. If the pH is higher than 7.4, the condition iscalled alkalosis. If a person's pH is lower than 7.4, its calledacidosis.

How do you bleach your hair with Clorox bleach?

Don't do it! If you bleach your hair with Clorox, your hair will completely fall out. It's not the correct bleach to use. I suggest to get a box bleach (you can get at any drugstore). Unless you want no hair/straw hair then don't do it.

Where this pH?

At 25° C the pH of pure water is very close to 7. Acids have a pH less than 7 while bases have a pH greater than 7. Because it has a pH of 7, water is considered to be neutral.

What is your pH?

Hopefully around 7.4 as with most people and animals. This makes people and animals ever so slightly alkaline.