What is the papa roach song on WWE?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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if you mean the raw theme tune its to be loved

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Q: What is the papa roach song on WWE?
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What is the song on the WWE ad?

the song is to be loved by papa roach

How is the old song of WWE called?

to be loved - papa roach

What is the WWE Raw theame song called?

'to be loved by' papa roach.

Who is the artist of the WWE raw theme song to be loved?

It is Papa Roach. I love that song.

What is the name of WWE's Raw 2007 theme song?

To be loved by Papa Roach

What is the current WWE Raws theme song?

The answer is burn it to the ground by nickleback=)

What is WWE new intro song?

To Be Loved by Papa Roach... Oh Yeah, Baby!

Can Papa Roach be the next guest host on WWE Raw?

yeah cause he sings the raw theme song

Who is the artist of WWE RAW theme song?

Move to the Music- Union Underground To Be Loved-Papa Roach Burn it To The Ground- Nickelback

What is the best song from Papa Roach?

That is one's own form of opinion, but most agree that Papa Roach's new song, Kick in the Teeth, is their best song.

What is the opening song for the WWE?

It is The Union Underground 'Across The Nation'.

Who sings the song scars?

Papa Roach