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What is the part of a sewing machine?

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The best description of sewing machine parts and their functions is at

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What is the part of sewing machine?

sewing machine is the example of machine that used in making fabrics

What was the first sewing machine made out of?

The first sewing machine was made out of caste iron and steel for the most part.

Sewing machine and part with meanings?

part that holds needle

What is a stitched plate?

I think it is a part for a sewing machine

What are the part of the sewing machine?

Head,bed and arm

What is the sewing machine used for?

a sewing machine is used to sew clothes more easily than using your hands in sewing clothes. sewing machine is machine that makes the sewing more efficient and convenient. you're using your feet and hands to make sewing more faster and much better. the sewed part is more stronger and neat to see.

What part of sewing machine that keep tha machine inthe cabinet?

sewing machine-used to sew fabrics or other materials quickly,efficiently and precisely .. *jmae*

What is a bobbin?

The part of a sewing machine where you load thread that will be used for the ...I think, underside of a stitch. A cylindrical spool in a sewing machine that holds the thread.

What is a bed of a sewing machine?

The bed of the machine is the part where the fabric slides under the needle.

What is a free arm sewing machine?

A "free arm" sewing machine is built so part of the machine is elevated above the surface you have placed your sewing machine on. This enables the person using the machine to sew something with a small diameter like the hem of a sleeve or pants.

What is the theory of the sewing machine?

theory of sewing machine

What are two major parts of the lockstitch sewing machine?

Upper and ther lower part of machine

Is a sewing machine a compound machine?

Not all sewing machines are compound machines. The definition of a compound machine is one the contains more than one machine within the same case. A machine that is not only a sewing machine but also an embroidery machine would be considered a compound sewing machine. A really good compound sewing machine is the Husqvarna Diamond sewing machine.

What is a Spool pin in your sewing machine?

A spool pin in your sewing machine is where the spool of thread sits on the sewing machine.

What is the top selling sewing machine?

Juki brand sewing Machine is number one sewing machine in Malaysia.

What would the age of your Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine be - the model 14814220?

There is not a model 14814220 for the Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine; this number is the part number.

Do you spell sewing machine or sowing machine?

sewing machine:) A sewing machine uses thread to fasten fabric together. A sowing machine plants seeds.

What are the basic parts of a sewing machine?

basic part of tailoring matien

Head of sewing machine?

what is the function of the head of the sewing machine

What is a sewing machine with a built in motor?

A mechanical sewing machine.

What is a sewing machine feed dog?

it is somthing on a sewing machine

Who ivented the sewing machine?

The Victorians invented the sewing machine.

What is the use of a sewing machine?

the use of sewing machine is to sew

How the sewing machine helped people?

The sewing machine has helped people have a faster way of sewing

Sewing machine bobbin?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but if it is "WHAT IS a sewing machine bobbin?" then I can help. The sewing machine bobbin is the round "wheel" like part that holds the thread under the sewing needle. In the older machines it was metal, and in the newer machines it is mainly plastic. Mostly, these bobbins are not interchangeable from one machine to the next. Each sewing machine brand requires its' own specific bobbin. Without the bobbin (with thread on it!) a machine is unable to sew.

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